The Evolution of Nick Jonas' Hair

The Evolution of Nick Jonas' Hair

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В Dave Hogan/Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Nick Jonas has come a long way since his days on Disney Channel when his floppy mop of curls, smoldering stare, andВ dreamy voice swept a young Miley Cyrus off her feet. Let's just say the youngest Jonas brother has done a lot of growing up since then. The 26-year-old "Sucker" singer just married one of the most beautiful women in the world-aka Priyanka Chopra-and he's newly back together with the Jo Bros after releasing a number of solo hits. He'sВ alsoВ changed his famous hair along the way.В Like most of us, as Nick has matured, so has his style-from the way he likes to dressВ to how he wears his hair. Keep scrollingВ to see how Nick Jonas' hair has evolved over the years.

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The Shag

Dave Hogan/Getty Images

In the early days of his popularity, circa '08, Nick wore his curly dark brown locks in long tousled layers that every Jonas Brother-loving fan fell for during the early days. As the years have passed, though, his strands have gotten shorter and shorter.

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The Classic Curly Coif

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

As he got older, Nick cropped his curls slightly closer to his head, but they still were definitely still a huge part of his signature boy band singer aesthetic.В

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The Bedhead Moment

John Shearer/Getty Images

While he's clearly got a great head of hair, Nick has never been one to seem cocky about it-nor the type to fuss over it much. Here, he rocks a slightly messy, surfer dude-esqueВ style that we're sure won the hearts of countless teenyboppers back in the day. Side note: He likelyВ used a curl defining hair cream here to add separation and it works.В

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The Close Crop

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

This specific cut a game-changer for Nick-not to mention a major celeb makeover moment-as it was his first real foray into the world of short hair. While it was shocking at first, fans quickly came to love his new sophisticated 'do.В

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The Buzz Cut Babe

Rachael Murray/Getty Images

While it's unclear whether Nick went to a stylist for this cut or if he grabbed a pair of clippers and buzzed his head at home, there's no denying this one was a major move for the singer. TeenageВ girls wept, record execs panicked-it was the buzz cut that rocked the world. Some might say it was a transition for Nick from boy to man, but we justВ think it was an amazing way to shock everyone.В

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The Subtle Fade

Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesВ

Then came the tight fade. The soft contrast between the scalp exposure on the sides and the slightly longer top (though still long enough to let his texture show) made for a clean, mature look.

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The Classic Taper

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Another fan-favorite hairstyle Nick has sported is known as the classic taper. Here, his hairВ is clipped aggressively short on the sides and back and blended into a few inches on top. His hairstylistВ likely used a light pomade to add shine and help tame any flyaways.В

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The Pompadour

Samir Hussein/Getty Images

В Who could forget Nick's iconic pompadour days? Not us, that's for sure. He generally wore it sleek and slicked-back, which of course, made for many head-turning red carpet moments.В