Which Cosmetology Program Should I Go To?

Which Cosmetology Program Should I Go To?

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When you decide to attend cosmetology school, you have plenty ofВ schools to choose from. But that means there are plenty of bad ones, too. Finding the right cosmetology school is the first step in a successful beauty career. It'sВ fun, but it's not easy. And you'll be spending a lot of time there, so it's important to choose the right beauty school for you. Consider the following questions when exploring your options:

  • Will you need night classes or can you attend full-time?
  • Will you be able to practice on real clients, instead ofВ just wigs?
  • What is the full cost of the program?
  • Is the school accredited so it can offer financial aid?
  • Does the school have a continued education program?
  • Will they help you with job placement after graduation?

From community colleges, to local franchises, to big names in the industry, chances are there's a beauty school near you. You want to find a school that has a good reputation among its former students. The stylists at your local salons might be able to offer feedbackВ about any schools in your area. It's also a good idea to request a tour before enrolling.

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Aveda Institutes

The Aveda Institute is one of the most highly regarded cosmetology schools anywhere. The salons are known for their natural beauty products, so it's an innovative approach to the industry. You can be guaranteed a well rounded and exciting education that covers cosmetology, esthetician services, makeup, massage therapy, and even sales and marketing.

Aveda offers tons of support in the form of financial assistance, flexible class schedules, and job placement opportunities.

The institute offers locations throughout the United States and Canada. Each institute offers a different program lineup, so it's best to explore individual locations as well as the overall program.

One of the best parts of the Aveda Academy is their dedication to continued education. Learning opportunities include annual Aveda education classes, Aveda Business College, Advanced Academies, and the Aveda Master Jam, where you get a chance to be inspired by leading industry artists.

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Paul Mitchell Schools

You will find Paul Mitchell trained hair designers working in almost every corner of the world. The name is universally recognized, which means prospective employers will know that you received a top-notch education. Additionally, it has a reputation for innovation and high-end results.

Choosing Paul MitchellВ schools will expose you to courses in design, cutting, coloring, multicultural techniques, makeup, fashion trends, and the art of hairdressing in a multiphase program. The brand is involved with numerous beauty trade shows, and offers creative and networking events for their students.

Paul Mitchell has over 100 beauty schools across the country. Programs include cosmetology,В barbering, and skin and nail academies. TheyВ offerВ financial aid opportunities, continued education, and assistance in job placement after graduation.

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Empire Beauty School

Empire Beauty School has been in the business of beauty for more than 80 years. With cosmetology schools in more than 20 states, they're a wonderful choice for your education. The programs offered include cosmetology andВ esthetics, as well as training to become a makeup artist.

Graduates from Empire goВ on to do editorial and celebrity work, open their own salons, and find work all over the world. Empire, like the others on this list, is also known for having fantastic job placement opportunities. They also offer financial aid and scholarships along with various programs to fit your schedule.

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Sassoon Academy

The Sassoon Academy is another iconic name in the beauty business. Vidal Sassoon changed the way we look at hairdressing with his precision haircuts that were beyond what anyone had seen before. The Sassoon Academy embodies that sleek, fashion-forward style at the cosmetology schools.

They promise that you will leave inspired by their courses, and they certainly try to deliver on this. The courses are developed and designed to be contemporary, relevant, and forward thinking. They're delivered with passion, commitment, and technical excellence.

The Sassoon name is recognized all over the world, and you'll be able to find schools throughout the United States and Canada. Financing is available directly through the academy, with a variety of long- and short-term payment plans.