This Is the Reason Princess Diana Stopped Wearing Blue Eyeliner

This Is the Reason Princess Diana Stopped Wearing Blue Eyeliner

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Looking back through Princess Diana's beauty looks shows us two things: 1) she always looked impeccable-and 2) she loved blue eyeliner. Princess Diana was photographed with her signature blue eyeliner framing her striking blue eyes a lot in the early years. It wasn't until later on that the original blue look was swapped for a more classic brown or muted beige.

Last week marked 20 years since her death, and along with friends and family, Diana's makeup artist Mary Greenwell paid her respects in an interview with Yahoo. With clients like Victoria Beckham and Naomi Campbell, and being the woman behind Charlotte Tilbury's training, Greenwell is a go-to for makeup advice, and she's the reason Diana stopped wearing that blue eyeliner.

Why? She simply felt “beiges and browns were just so much prettier. Simple as that.” She also thought that, with Diana being in the public eye so much she felt there was “no need to be showy, so she kept her makeup subtle and appropriate for occasion.”

Here at Byrdie, we think Diana looked amazing with and without her blue eyeliner. Changing your look with colour is no bad thing, but there's no denying that brown eyeliner is the easy choice for daytime and is a softer choice than classic black for nights out. From a smoky eye to a slick flick, brown around the eyes will always look chic, and Princess Diana's later beauty looks proved just that.

If you want to switch up your blue or black eyeliner for browns, why not try some of these makeup looks?

Try something new and bring your eyeliner over the crease of your eyelid, like this elevated pencil eyeliner look by makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes.

Keep it totally classic like Olivia Culpo by bringing a touch of brown under the eye to create a soft smoke.В

Go full-on bronzed goddess and opt for a blown-out smoky eye, think feline as you blend up and out. Add intensity with a dark brown liner in the upper and lower water lines. This look is perfect for brown-eyed girls like Emily Ratajkowski. Complete your brown look with Charlotte Tilbury's cult The Classic eyeliner pencil in Audrey (ВЈ16). The perfect product to use sparingly at the start of the day; then vamp up at night-plus it's small, so you can carry it in even the smallest of bags.

Up next, take a look at how the royals do skincare.