I Tell Everyone I Know to Buy This Hair Mist

I Tell Everyone I Know to Buy This Hair Mist

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As someone with super fine hair, fancy products always seemed to be a recipe for disaster. Hair masks would leave my locks weighted down. Sprays would make it greasy. Mousses or foams would leave it feeling crunchy. But without products? My extra long, extra fine hair would get easily tangled, making it difficult for any almost any brush to work through it comfortably. I'd have childhood flashbacks to when my mom used to try to comb out my tangled hair only to have me cry hysterically. I needed a lightweight detangling spray that also hydrated my hair, but I simply didn't think it existed-that is, before I tried Davines Oi All In One Milk.

The idea of spraying something called "milk" in my hair definitely felt weird (don't worry, it's not actually made from milk at all), but I heard so many rave reviews of the Davine's product that I thought I'd give it a try anyway. The first thing I noticed is the first thing everyone seems to notice when they use the cult favorite product (you should read the reviews): The smell. I instantly wanted to douse my whole body in the product and Googled to see if it came in a perfume or body wash version (oh, it does) and looked forward to spritzing it each on my hair each day. Even if the mist didn't make my hair smell delicious, I'd still use it just based on how it makes my hair feel.

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In my experience, the product is best used as the directions state-on damp, towel or air dried hair. Simply give your whole head of hair 10-15 good sprays (although more is tempting given the smell) and either let it sit or run your hands through your hair like I do to make sure it covers everything. And that's it. Your brush will run through tangles like they're nothing at all, and your hair instantly feels hydrated and healthy without being greasy or weighed down.

The one thing that might make you hesitate before buying this product? It's not cheap. At $35, it's probably more than most of us spend on beauty products (especially ones that we may go through in a couple months or so). If I hadn't received this in a PR mailing, I too probably would have been hesitant to add it to my cart. But now that I can't live without it, I fully plan on purchasing it again and again and again. As someone who doesn't spend a lot of time or money on cut, color, or heat styling their hair every day, having a product that makes my air-dried hair feel luxurious and healthy is worth every single penny. Plus, it prevents frizz, a common enemy to my hair when it's not blow dried or heat styled.

If you read the reviews, you'll find people praising the product for everything from the way it tames their thick, curly hair to how it gets rid of their frizz for good. Some people even rave about how it detangles their hair and their grandchildren's hair. And everyone-I mean everyone-talks about how good it smells.В