This Drugstore Shampoo Is $11-And Better Than Any Luxury Product I've Ever Tried

This Drugstore Shampoo Is $11-And Better Than Any Luxury Product I've Ever Tried

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I've never really considered myself a hair person. Even though I probably enjoy makeup and skincare more than the average person, fancy hair products and styling have always been my last concern. As someone with fine, barely-wavy hair, I've always had trouble getting my hair to hold a curl, and ponytails either made me look completely bald or like Mel Gibson in The Patriot (neither look is ever my goal). Even after using some of the best, most expensive hair tools and products on the market as a beauty editor, I still never really loved doing my hair. I never found a shampoo, conditioner, or hair mask that made me feel amazing-and trust me; I tried a lot. I went through $30 and $50 hair care systems only to be left feeling more “meh” than anything at the end of the day. And then I discovered ApotheCare Essentials' Rosehip Booster Shampoo ($11) and Conditioner ($11).

As soon as I used it, I was struck by how good (and unique) the shampoo and conditioner set smelled in the shower. The rosehip scent is earthy and fresh without smelling overly sweet, and the fragrance lingers even after you dry your hair. Aesthetically, I loved the bottles-the pumps were easy to use and looked way better on my shower shelf than even some expensive products I had tried in the past (and, hey, bathroom #shelfies are a thing). But my real love for the product began when I stepped out of my shower and after drying my hair, ran a brush through it. My normally easily-tangled hair was silky smooth and easy to brush, without feeling weighed down or greasy.В

Anyone with fine hair knows it's all too easy to either end up with a shampoo that makes your hair feel dried out and weak or a conditioner that leaves your hair feeling coated in product. Neither situation is great. Somehow, though, ApotheCare's Rose Hip Booster system leaves my hair feeling both healthy and light and bouncy. Oh, and the best part: It's less than $11 for each product, and is available everywhere from CVS to Target to Walmart. Read some of the reviews of the product on any of these stores' sites, and you'll start to believe the hype.

One Walmart customer wrote in a review, “My scalp is greasy and sensitive while the rest of my hair is dry and fine. This shampoo cleaned my scalp without drying my hair. I felt the difference right the way the first time I used this.” Another reviewer on wrote, “Worth trying. I bought a full size after I got a free sample from my recent order. It really makes hair thicker and straighter without weighing it down.”

Needless to say, there's a reason why the product has received mainly 5-star reviews. After spending four years as a beauty editor and using whatever shampoo and conditioner I could find in the beauty closet, this is the only set I've ever actually bought myself. It's that good. And, as a bonus, it's actually affordable. So if you're like me and are sick of feeling “meh” about all things hair, go ahead and stock up on this shampoo (and conditioner!). You won't regret it.

ApotheCare Essentials Rosehip Booster Shampoo $11ShopApotheCare Essentials Rosehip Booster Conditioner $14 $7Shop

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