These 5 Nail Polishes Are the Most Popular Fall Shades on Pinterest

These 5 Nail Polishes Are the Most Popular Fall Shades on Pinterest

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There's something about shiny, lacquered nails that makes everything better (a great manicure even makes clacking away on your work computer more enjoyable). They're also one of the few things that get us excited for the colder months.

Whether it's chic autumnal nail art, icy pastels, or dark and witchy Halloween shades, it's likely you'll be able to guess the current season by the color on our fingertips. Real question: Why is fall such an inspiring season for nails? We don't know the answer to that question, but celebs seem to agree, since Selena Gomez has been pictured wearing the same dark purple-brown shade, and Kim Kardashian West just dished on her go-to nude polish.

Celebrities aren't our only source of nail inspiration, though. If you're like us, you're never satiated when it comes to nail polish, which is why you'll be excited to see the top five trending polishes on Pinterest. From classic plush pink to rich Bordeaux red and cool cement gray, you pinners have the best and buzziest taste. Keep scrolling to see the top five nail polishes of the season.

Essie Shearling Darling $8Shop

Essie'sВ Shearling Darling is the richest berry shade you ever will see. Since it's equal parts red and purple and it doesn't a pink undertone, it mimics the color of a fresh glass of red Bordeaux wine almost perfectly. If you like vampy fall polish colors, Pinterest users say you can't go wrong with this one.

Essie Merino Cool $8Shop

Here's another trending polish from the very same chic drugstore brand: It's Essie'sВ Merino Cool. It's quite the opposite of the previous warm red, being an ashy, cool-toned purple-gray. We love this sleek shade; it makes us want to don our fluffiest fall sweater (bonus points if the sweater, like the polish, is merino).

Zoya Jill $10Shop

Zoya's Jill is a plush, mauve-toned pink. Instead of a bright bubblegum or rose, it's subtle and almost kind of smoky, thanks to its cool gray undertone. Consider it a new autumnal update on the classic ballet-pink manicure.

Sinful Colors Hush Money $2Shop

If subtle isn't your thing, or maybe you just enjoy a little extra sparkle during dull autumn days, then this polish, Kathleen & Co's Rose Gold-Digger is the one for you. This is a cruelty-free brand sold on Etsy. As of now, it looks like Rose Gold-Digger isn't available, but follow its Facebook page to get updates. Until then, try Sinful Colors Hush Money, which is a similar coppery pink.

Essie Master Plan $9Shop

Are you sensing an Essie theme here? The brand is three out of five on the top trending Pinterest polishes. This one, Master Plan ($9), is a cool, sleek, and high-street cement gray that truly looks amazing on everyone. What's not to love? This shade sits on the border of edgy and understated.

Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments. Then, read up on the first gel nail polish formula that won't ruin your nails.