Paris Hilton Is Officially Releasing a Line of Holographic Skincare Products


Every few years, Paris Hilton surprises us with a new venture. First there was her famous show, The Simple Life,В where she tried to become acclimated to the non-heiress life in between interjections of "that's hot,” with her best friend at the time, Nicole Richie. Then there was that other TV show whereВ a group of girls competed to become her new best friend. (You remember that right? That's not something I made up.) Then she became a DJ. And now, she's launching her first skincare product.В

That's right, Paris Hilton is officially the latest celebrity to branch out into skincare. Apparently, her brand will launch in early 2018, and the first product is a face mist. But it's no ordinary face mist. In true Paris fashion, it's girly, glitzy, and reminiscent of the glory days (aka the early to mid-2000s). Keep scrolling to see what Paris Hilton's first skincare product looks like.В В

Paris Hilton Limited Unicorn Mist $29Shop

Her first skincare product is inspired by the mythical unicorn (what else did you expect?). The iridescent glass bottle housesВ pure rose extract, aloe vera juice, and marshmallow plant to soothe, hydrate, and calm skin. You can apply it before makeup, like a toner, or anytime throughout the day to refresh your skin.В

If skincare seems like a rather, well, random market for Paris Hilton to break into, it's not. Apparently, she's been passionate about skincare for years. "I am so excited to be able to bring such an amazing product to the market," Hilton said in a statement. "I have always had a passion for taking care of my skin and I only use products that actually work without harmful chemicals that aren't only a temporary fix." This isn't even her first foray into the world of beauty. In the past, she's released eponymous perfume and lotion sets.В

This product is available for pre-order now and will retail for $29. If you're interested, keep in mind that it's limited-edition, so it won't be around forever. While we wait to try it out, we'll stick to our trusty face mists like Herbivore BotanicalsВ Rose Hibiscus Face Mist ($32).