The Winter Skincare Add-Ons to Start Using Right Now

WhileВ it's a good idea toВ adapt your skincare routine for each new season, winter doesn't necessarily require a whole new regime.В There's no need to throw your entire product lineup out the window, but winter is the ideal time toВ take a little leap of faith and try some cult beauty editor favourites. AndВ cooler temperatures and generally less time spent outdoors will make your skin more receptive to some moisture rich add-ons that will combat dryness before it gets chance to set in.

Below we've rounded up five of our all-time favourite skincare investments that you really should try-some with a high price point, some low, and all very much worth the hype.

The Serum

Byrdie Australia

Given how much it improved our editor's skin, the iconicВ Advanced Night Repair serumВ ($150)В is a year-round recommendation. It's been a cult favourite for 80 years (approximately eight bottles are sold globally every minute) and it lives up to the hype. If you've never tried the serum before, winter is the perfect time to start-it's loaded with hyaluronic acid to keep your skin hydrated as the temperature drops. ANR also works overnight to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, delivering huge ROI on that upfront investment.

The Cream

Byrdie Australia

Another cult favourite, this La Mer moisturiser needs little introduction. Loved for its luxuriously rich texture without feeling heavy or greasy on the skin, the Moisturizing Soft CreamВ ($445) is a less dense version of the signature La Mer moisturiser. It sinks quickly into the skin, helping to lock in all of that good work your serum will do.

The Peel

Byrdie Australia

Winter is a good time to step up exfoliation efforts as we reach for more hydrating products. The Ordinary is known for its range of simple, effective actives and the Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2%В ($12) is an AHA that will resurface, smooth and brighten your complexion. Work this one into your routine gradually so you don't shock your skin; the Tasmanian Pepperberry in this product helps to calm irritation that some people experience with lactic peels.

The Mask

Byrdie Australia

Where Victoria Beckham leads, we will follow-in this case, straight to a pack of these potent, foil-backed sheet masks. VB loves the shiny silver Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil MasksВ ($210), packed with twice the amount of hyaluronic acid than inВ theВ serum. For best results, pop on a mask for 10 minutes as a once-a-week treatment for seriously juicy skin.

The Mist

Byrdie Australia

Even the action of spraying a face mist has a calming effect on us-usually done at our desks late in the day when we need to take a moment. This one smells like heaven. TheВ Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face MistВ ($42) is all-natural, with an ingredient list featuring, obviously, rose and hibiscus flowers, aloe vera for healing, and Witch Hazel for reducing puffiness around the eyes. Plus, it's a very pretty addition to your #shelfie.

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