8 Trending Winter Nail Colors, According to Top Nail Salons

8 Trending Winter Nail Colors, According to Top Nail Salons

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It's no secret our signature winter nail colors veer vampy. We've already professed our love for burgundy,В and earlier this season, we also shared which colors we'd be sporting for fall. But with winter quickly approaching, we're in need of some fresh, festive inspiration. So we thought we'd ask three experts in the nail industry a question: What winter nail colors will be the most popular this season?

From frosty shades of blue to rich shades of emerald (and so many in between), these are the top eight winter nail colors on experts' radar. Of course, the sky is the limit as far as your digits go, and you needВ not feel confined to these winter nail colors and these winter nail colors alone,В but a little help from the industry's best never hurt anyone, right?В Keep reading for their predictions and some stealthy application tips to boot!

1. Cherry Red

Julep Bombshell Nail Polish in Fran $14Shop

A far cry from burgundyВ (though we still love it), a bright pop of cherry in the winter is a vibrant and unexpected antidote for the clouds and cold. Plus, it's one of the shades industry-leading nail artist and creator of JinsoonВ Jin Soon ChoiВ selected as a top recommendation. (JinsoonВ Nail Polish in Coquette, $18, is another brilliant option.)

2. Midnight Purple

Base Coat Nail Polish in Gravity $20Shop

"Everyone tends to go a bit darker with their nail color for the winter, so I think we'll see a lot of deep colors like blues, purples, reds, and greens," says general manager ofВ Base Coat Nail Salon and celebrity manicurist, Shelly Hill. "They're the perfect shades for that winter look, and they are also on trend! My personal favorites right now are Base Coat'sВ Nail Polish in GravityВ ($20) andВ Henna Luna ($20)." Plus, she also has some tips when shopping for your polish if you're looking for a nontoxic option:В "I recommend any nail polishes five-free and beyond (Base Coat is eight-free), as we are now more than ever cautiousВ about what we use on our bodies."

And in case you're curious what that lingo means, five- or eight-free means a nail polish is free of five or eight of the most toxic chemicals used in nail polishВ В

3. Frosted Blue

CND Vinylux Weekly Nail Polish in Creekside $11Shop

"A little pop of color in the winter months makes it a little less dreary," says founder of Olive & June, Sarah Gibson Tuttle. Her favorite: This brilliant robin's egg blueВ tone from CND. (However, she also shares that OPI'sВ Nail Lacquer in Russian Navy, $7, and Essie'sВ Nail Polish in Butler Please, $9, are other popular client picks.)

4. Spruce Green

Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Darjeeling Darling $18Shop

Holly, velvet, satin-trimmed wreaths-some of our favorite things this time of year are emerald-esqueВ hues of green, so when Hill told us the shade range would definitely be a trend for winter nail color, we were quick to fall. This one from Smith & Cult hits the right note and also boasts a luxuriously smooth application and eye-catching glossy finish.В

5. Rose-Gold Satin

Jinsoon Nail Polish in Spiffy $18Shop

Metallics are always en vogue but come the holidaysВ (and party upon party), they're especially appropriate. Choi's pick? A dazzling shade of rose gold inspired by the flapper era of the 1920s.

Since it's hard to have a perfectly clean nail polish line right below the cuticle, keep your nail bed perpendicular to the brush while applying the polish.В Also, be sure to frequently retouch the tip of the nail for a long-lasting application.

6. Burnt Crimson

Essie Nail Polish in Playing Koi $10Shop

According to Choi, a bold shade of burnt or brick red is one of her personal preferences when it comes to signature winter nail color. Jinsoon makes a dreamyВ version entitled Idyll, and we're also obsessed with this high-shine option from Essie.В

7. Sapphire Steel

Zoya Nail Polish in Natty $19Shop

A steely, nocturnal shade of blue this winter is on par with all three of our experts' predictions. Plus, it's a tadВ less expected than your go-to shades of navy or cobalt.

For an expert-approved application, first, use a 240 grit to lightly buff off any dead skin around the cuticle and then take a cotton pad with a 70% alcohol solution to wipe the nails clean for better adhesion. Finish with a base coat as this helps the polish adhere and also will help prevent staining of the nail.

8. Toned Taupe

Deborah Lippmann Nail Color in Fashion $18Shop

In addition to the standard dark shades and reds this season, Choi foreseesВ "toned-down nudes" as a popular and on-trend choice for winter. This one by Deborah Lippmann or Jinsoon'sВ Nail Polish in Milieu ($18)-one of Choi's favorties-are both flattering options.В

Next up: This is theВ perfect shade of burgundy nail polishВ for every skin tone.В

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.В