Pore-tox, the Jeck and More Treatments People Are Getting in L.A. and NYC

Pore-tox, the Jeck and More Treatments People Are Getting in L.A. and NYC

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A few years ago, if you wanted a tighter physique (sans gym) or more defined jawline (sans dieting), your options were limited, and were probably on the invasive side. These days, it's a whole other story. Product innovation aside, there's a whole new slew of non-invasive in-office treatments out there that help sculpt your face and tone your body with very little downtime. Ask any dermatologist or plastic surgeon and she'll tell you it's an especially exciting time to be in the industry, with new, groundbreaking technologies cropping up daily to solve common issues people have struggled with for ages. Over the past few years, we've seen Kybella change the the neck game, Coolsculpting freeze (and release) fat on the body, and, of course, the O.G. aesthetic game-changer, Botox, make forehead wrinkles (and TMJ, and sweating, and tech neck… ) a thing of the past.

So, what's in store for 2019? We spoke with renowned L.A. dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban and NYC board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lara Devgan (who also serves as Chief Medical Officer at RealSelf) to see the treatments their patients are flocking to in 2019. From jawline filler to gold “pore-tox”, these are the in-office treatments you're going to start seeing everywhere.


1. “Pore-tox”

You know how the saying goes: Don't put Botox in a corner.В Lest you think Botox is strictly reserved for smoothing wrinkles, allow the newest facial trend to prove you wrong. "Pore-tox," which involves injecting small amounts of Botox, filler and other skin-loving ingredients into the surface layer of the skin to improve skin quality, smoothness, and pore size (hence theВ name), is the latest use case for everyone's favorite neurotoxin. At Devgan's office, she customizes a tailored cocktail of microdroplet Botox, hyaluronic acid filler, serums and PRP derived from the patients' blood specifically to shrink the appearance of pores-she calls it “gold microinfusion microneedling.” “Delivering Botox and filler intradermally doesn't change your face shape or movement, but truly makes the skin glow,” she promises. “Results last for about three months, and pricing depends on the amount and types of materials used, as well as the practitioner performing the treatment.”В


2. Facial Filler… Used on the BodyВ

The truth is, off-label use of injectables grows more common by the day. This doesn't necessarily mean the procedures are unsafe-just that they haven't yet been approved by the FDA. One off-label filler trend Devgan has noticed is the use of Sculptra on the body, and more specifically, the butt area. Sculptra, also known as poly-L-lactic acid, is a special type of filler that induces the body to produce its own collagen, she explains. You'll usually need to get at least two sessions spaced out at least a month apart to see results. “It functions almost like planting seeds in a garden, and then watering them,” she says . “The collagen that is induced slowly blooms over time to create a softer, fuller result in the treated tissues.” Because of this, Sculptra has become increasingly popular as an option for body parts where people want to see fullness, too, mostly because it's safer, less invasive and more customizable than a fat transfer. The downside? It can be extremely expensive, especially if you're looking for a lot of added volume.


3. “Millennial Makeovers”

Shamban says that in recent years, she's noticed increased interest in in-office procedures like Botox, filler and lasers from her younger millennial patients. This shouldn't come as a surprise, thanks in part to the rise of the “selfie age” and social media, and subsequently, the influencers and celebrities who openly post about their “work” (or at least post photos that serve as evidence). According to data from RealSelf, interest in Botox is increasing the fastest among 18- to 24-year-olds.

4. Botox Alternatives

Both Shamban and Devgan cite Botox alternatives like Revance and Jeuveau as interesting new players in the wrinkle-smoothing marketplace. “They have yet to hit the American markets, but when they do, they'll increase awareness of the concept of wrinkle-smoothing injectables and give people more options,” says Devgan. As for how exactly they differ, Shamban says they all have subtle differences and work better depending on your unique needs, such as how strong the muscle relaxation is, how it looks off-label, how long it lasts, and more.

5. Fixing the “Jeck”

The past years, it seems like everyone has been fascinated with lip fillers (thanks, Kylie Jenner!) According to Shamban, 2019 will be the year of the jawline and neck. She calls it a “jeck” when the jawline blends into the neck without any definition, and says that injecting a filler like Radiesse or Voluma along the jawline can instantly add definition and make the neck appear slimmer without resorting to Kybella. Click here to read a first-hand experience of what it's like to get jawline filler. On the neck wrinkle front, people are now getting Botox injected into their neck to smooth lines-here are some before-afters from a beauty writer who tried the treatment herself.

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6. Non-Invasive Body Treatments

It's safe to say that body treatments are having their time in spotlight-and the fascination is only growing. More specifically, Devgan says patients are extremely interested in anything that promises non-surgical fat reduction. She names procedures like Coolsculpting, Emsculpt, Sculpture, and Kybella as body treatments that have seen exponential growth over the past few years. Surprisingly, she says her favorite of these is Kybella, which is a somewhat divisive procedure because of the downtime and varying levels or results: “It's where I have seen the most measurable results in my patients, but medical professionals certainly debate this topic a lot!”

Shamban says that she's focused on not only offering the latest and greatest body treatments to her patients, but also understanding how combining certain treatments can improve their efficacy. For example, she notes that all of her patients get a ZWave treatment after Coolsculpting to optimize the results. “It sounds like a jackhammer and it breaks up adhesions,” she says. “People sometimes do a series of it for cellulite, which I'm not sure is that effective. But we 100% always use it after our patients get Coolsculpting-there's evidence to show it makes the results much more effective.”

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