Here's How to Work Out How Much of a Beauty Obsessive You Are

Considering you've found yourself here on Byrdie UK, it's safe to say you probably have at least a faint interest in the world of beauty. But just how obsessed are you? The more dedicated amongst us will be the types to get up at the crack of dawn to join a digital queue of hopefuls looking to get their hands on the latest celebrity beauty range. Their brain will hold an encyclopedia of the world's most iconic beauty products. A true addict will have Cult Beauty, Feel Unique and Look Fantastic bookmarked to the top of Google Chrome, and they'll have a bathroom cabinet to rival the aisles of Boots.


Sound like you? Well, we've devised a wholly scientific (not really) formula to work out just how obsessed with beauty you are. Click through to the gallery below of iconic beauty products every self-respecting beauty obsessive will have tried, keeping track of how many you've owned over your lifetime. Tot up your score and at the end, and we'll tell you just how much of a beauty obsessive you truly are.

Lip Smacker Coca Cola Lip Balm Set $10Shop

Remember when tubes of Lip Smacker balm were just as collectible at PokГ©mon cards?

YSL TouchГ© Eclat $26Shop

Whether you use yours as a highlighter, or to brighten dark circles,В this pen is nothing short of magical.

Chanel Le Vernis in Jade

Were you someone that bought Chanel's cult-favouriteВ jade nail polish when it first launched? Or were you there along with the rest of us desperately scouring eBay for a bottle that didn't cost upwards of ВЈ150?

Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette $40Shop

To be fair, anyВ of the Naked palettes count here.

L'OrГ©al Elnett Normal Strength Hairspray $7Shop

You'll still find this hairspray in the backstage kits of hairstylists worldwide. That's how revered it is.В

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit in Koko K $22Shop

Name a more iconic duo than the Kyle lip pencil and liquid lipstick-we'll wait.

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream $18Shop

It'll sort any cuts, scrapes or bruises, and one tube will last you ages.

Glossier Priming Moisturzier $18Shop

Did you only buy into the Glossier dream when it finally landed on UK shores this year? Or are you the kind of obsessive who has been getting friends to ship it over from NYC since it first launched?

J.Lo Glow $30Shop

Don't kid yourself: This is still your favourite perfume and you wish you never lost that blingy chain.

Lancome Juicy Tubes $19Shop

We're pretty sure the reason everyone went wild for GlossierВ Clear Lip Gloss was because it transported them back to the time whenВ these fruity lip glosses reigned supreme.

Nuxe Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse $29Shop

If the smell of this cult body oil doesn't transport you to that summer holiday back in '03,В then do you even like beauty products?

Barry M Dazzle Dust Eye Shadow $5Shop

No school discoВ look was complete without a swipe ofВ Barry M's glitter eye shadow across the eyelids. Of course, we could haveВ gone for a nice flattering pink shade, butВ for some reason, mint green (or an icy blue) always came up.

EstГ©e Lauder Advanced Night Repair $72Shop

There's a good reason ANR continues to receive countless beauty awards and has become a mainstay in theВ bathroom cabinets of beauty editors worldwide: It works. But you already knew that, right?

Simple Cleansing Wipes $3Shop

They were the guest of honour atВ allВ sleepovers during our teenage years and yes, we know we're not supposedВ to still use them, but in all honesty, they're a Godsend when you get in from a night out. The lesser of two evils, we reckon.

Beautyblender Sponge $16Shop

Any beauty obsessive knows that if you want completely seamless foundation without even a whisper of a tide mark, you need a damp Beautyblender-and you need it fast.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 $6Shop

With its chic packaging, high-quality scientifically-proven ingredients and somewhat cavalier approach to pricing, the hype around The Ordinary doesn't seem to be petering out anytime soon. We're guessing your bathroom cabinet is full of the stuff.В

Elegant Touch Nail Wraps $3Shop

Ah, nail wraps-they were fun while they lasted. While their no-mess approach to nail colour was well-intentioned, we've never met anyone who actually managed to keep a whole set in place for any longer than an hour.В

Clinique Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm $20Shop

One of the most user-friendly makeup inventions of its time, we've been scribbling our eyes, cheeks and lips with Chubby Sticks since we can remember.В

Lush Sex Bomb Bath Bomb $4Shop

Even if you only bought it for the 'gram, we've all experienced slinking into a Lush-infused bath tub.

The Body Shop White Musk Fragrance Mist $9Shop

While the aforementioned bottle of J.Lo Glow was whipped out for special occasions (birthday parties, hanging out in the park, etc), White Musk was the scent for everydayВ use. In fact,В if you were anything like us, you'd habitually drench your clothes in the stuff every single morning.

Yes, you have a bit of a penchant for perfumes, and you just about know Ouai your from your Oribe, but it doesn't feel like you're that dedicated to the cause. We recommend you brush up on everything there is to know about The Ordinary, keep a close eye on theВ new beauty products landing on the Byrdie beauty desk andВ make a note ofВ the products industry insiders really rate.

Okay, okay, you've got a little more dedication to the beauty cause and we can see that. If you're missing a few products from your checklist because of their price, you should know that not all good things come with bumper price tags-we've done the leg work and found the best drugstoreВ mascaras,В cleansers andВ skincare products to prove it to you.

Woah, and there we were thinking we had an obsession. It's evident you're pretty clued up when it comes to iconic beauty products. You know which beauty bandwagons to jump on to, and which to avoid.

Up next, these new faces are sure to inspire your beauty regimen in 2018.