Actress Haley Bennett Shares the Practically Free Things She Does to Zen Out

I spoke to Haley Bennett over the phoneВ (I was on my couch; sheВ was in a rose-covered Parisian hotel room), but even from thousands of miles away, her sensibilities were distinct-effortless, thoughtful, and decidedly charming. It was theВ 10-year anniversary of ChloГ© fragrances, a brand known for that same effortless feel. To celebrate, ChloГ© revisited and reinventedВ its iconic scent-the rose-and tapped Haley Bennett asВ its newest muse. Known mostly for her film roles, it was refreshing to chat with her outside of her Hollywood persona about nothing having to do with fame.


On Her Emotional Connection to the Fragrance…

"IВ find that roses are the most romantic scent. For me, they're very reminiscent of past-a very strong, emotional experienceВ and memories from my childhood.В I don't know ifВ it'sВ because my grandmother had a rose garden my grandfather grew for her, andВ thatВ grand gesture of loveВ that'sВ always stuck with me.В

"What I love about the Chloé Absolu de Parfum ($115) is the interpretation of 'rose'-it's modernity, freshness, lightness, and elegance. My signature scent has been Chloé for the past 10 years. I've loved it since the beginning. It was love at first smell."

On Her Definition of Beauty…

"Beauty is something I have a very difficult time defining. To me, true beauty is eternal; it can't fade away.В It's a feeling-it isn't tangible. I mean, it sounds so clichГ©, but it's what's on the inside-what moves a person and what attracts a person to a specific person. A scent, or a book, a memory. And beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin and living your truth.В

"IВ don't look in the mirror and go Oh, this isВ the feature I love about myself, but the things I love most about myself are like beauty, not exactly tangible. The experiences I have and my relationships make me feel beautiful; they make me feel confidentВ and unique."

On Her Self-Care Practices…

"This morning I had a bath filled with bubbles. I think having roses on the table is so beautiful. I mean, you look around and you see things that are alive and things that are fresh-those are the everyday little indulgences that make me feel confident.

"I like to keep it simple. I really like sheet masks-those are kind of an indulgence because they're so luxurious.В I like to keep jewelry around my neck, and I like to use SPF because it's luxurious but very natural. But I mean, I'd rather buy a book than have a face wash."

On Her Ever-Changing Hairstyles…

"I change my hairstyle quite a lot for movie roles, so, sometimes those styles will leave an impression on me. But it's not always necessarily the best style for me.В I will say whatever is the easiest in my day-to-day life isВ what I'm moreВ drawn to or inclined to wear."