It's Official: These Are the All-Time Best Haircuts for Thin Hair

Let's be clear on one thing: Being born with super-thick, flowing, supermodel-esque hair may afford you more options, but there's no reason fine-haired ladies need to throw in the towel. Much of beauty is about optical illusions. Just like the right lipstick can make your lips look fuller and the right eyeliner can make your peepers pop, the right haircut can transform thin hair into a (seemingly) thick, voluminous mane.

Using our finest hairstyling knowhow (and the advice of a few trusted stylists), we put together this roundup of the six best haircuts for thin hair-with lots of photos to prove it. These simple, yet strategic haircuts and hairstyles will trick onlookers into believing you have more hair than you know what to do with. Scroll through to see the official Byrdie guide to the best haircuts for thin hair.

Shoulder-Length Blunt Cut

Long locks can weigh down any look, so keep thin hair shoulder length or above. The trick for pulling off a shoulder-length style is making it a blunt cut. Blunt lines make your hair appear thicker.

To maintain and amplify fullness, avoid overtexturizing hair with lots of layers.

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Deep Side Part

Another trick to try if your hair is on the longer side is the deep side part. With a deep side part, you're essentially lumping all your hair together on one side, creating the illusion of volume. You also create lift at the roots.

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Choppy Pixie

Shorter hair is stronger than longer strands, so even very fine hair can benefit from a super-short cropped cut. Pixie cuts can actually make your thin hair appear thicker than it really is. Try one with choppy layers to add volume. Work a light styling balm or paste like Reverie's Rake ($36) through your hair to give your cut definition without weighing it down.

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Angled Bob or Lob

Shorter cuts are always a good idea if you have thin hair. Bobs are timeless and create shape for fine hair that might otherwise fall flat.

With a bob or lob that's longer in the front, you're building up or stacking the weight in one place, which makes your hair look fuller.

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Lob With Light Layers

The ever-flattering lob works on any hair type, especially thin hair because it frames your face without weighing you down. Layering adds movement to hair, but you don't want to remove too much. Stick with light layers, and keep the ends blunt rather than feathered. Use a texture spray like our favorite, Hair Shake ($18) by Joico, to create volume like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's.

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Thick Bangs

Whatever your style may be, incorporating bangs never fails to bump up thin hair. Just make your fringe is thick-the blunter the better. Heavy bangs add density, bringing body to the front. Add a deep side part and blunt, shoulder-grazing ends (like Suki Waterhouse's), and you've got a winning haircut.

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Which haircut would you try? Tell us your favorite style in the comments!