Do This, and You'll Never Have to Wear Mascara Again

Do This, and You'll Never Have to Wear Mascara Again

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Mascara can certainly be troublesome; that has been well-documented. Have you ever just finished your makeup-it looks absolutely pristine-and then you accidentally ruin everything with a wet mascara smudge? Or it's hot outside and you feel it melting off your face with every step? And of course there are those dreaded Lauren Conrad-style mascara tears that have at one point or another plagued us all.

Well, my friends, that time in your life is over. Recently I got my first lash tint, a quick procedure they offer at most brow bars and salons that dyes your eyelashes a preferred color. All you do is sit there with your eyes closed for 10-15 minutes and watch as they wipe off the dye and reveal inky black lashes, sans makeup. Much like a brow tint (where they dye all the long, short, and in-between hairs on your eyebrows) it works to make the lashes you already have appear thicker.

I have blond hair, so my eyelashes are blond, too. Without mascara, my eyelids look completely bald. I've gotten into the habit of constantly applying a quick swipe before heading out the door (my favorite is Too Faced Better Than False Lashes, $35, which I still keep on hand just in case). But thanks to my trusty lash tint, I barelyВ wear mascara at all. And guess what? It looks exactly the same. Better, even. Not only does the tint dye your lashes, root to tip, but it also covers every last hair. Essentially, you'll end up seeing lashes you never even knew existed. And trust me, it looks good.

Moreover, do a quick calculation and determine how much you've spent on mascara in the last few years. You have to replace them every few months, and if you're anything like me, you don't mind splurging on your favorite prestige brand. Anything for fluttery lashes, right? But with lash tints (usually tagged at about $15-$40), you'll actually end up saving time and money.

Do you yourself a favor and get into eyelash tints. The only thing it'll negatively affect is your overflowing mascara collection. You won't be disappointed.

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