You Have to See How This Drag Queen Uses Makeup to Transform Into Celebrities


Alexis Stone is a drag queen based in the UK who uses a set of incredible makeup skills to transform into some of the world's most recognizable A-listers. Stone posts transformation photos and before-and-after selfies to Instagram, along with a full list of the products used, so fans can follow along and try the look out for themselves. A quick scroll through Stone's Instagram page is enough to convince you that you need to kick up your Halloween costume up a couple of notches (or 100).

Stone has transformed into almost every celebrity or pop culture icon you can think of-everyone from actress Cate Blanchett to makeup and tattoo maven Kat Von D, Regina George from Mean Girls, and actor Leonardo DiCaprio. (Speaking of Leo DiCaprio, the final result of that transformation in particular is so realistic that it's actually kind of eerie.)В Keep scrolling to see the photos of Stone's celeb makeup transformations.

First up, let's talk about this Regina George transformation. Stone truly does it justice, completing the spot-on makeup look with a blonde wig and a cutout tank top (we love that attention to detail). As for that bright pink Regina George-approved lip color, he used OCC Colour Pencil in Anime ($16).

The fact that this isn't Cate Blanchett is actually blowing our minds right now. Stone mastered her look, re-creating the defined apples of her cheeks, her heart-shaped face, and her sculpted lips with a little help from Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette ($40).

Here, Stone has transformed into two of our favorite leading ladies of Hollywood, Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn. We think this side-by-side photo shows just how talented Stone is at creating optical illusions with makeup. Both women look entirely different, yet Stone was able to transform perfectly into both of them.

Again. How is this not Kat Von D? We can't stop staring. Stone even successfully mimicked her trademark face and neck tattoos, proving it's really all about the details. Surprisingly, though, no Kat Von D Beauty products were used (not even for that on-point red lip of hers). Instead, Stone used Morphe Lipstick in Hot Shot ($12).

Finally, here's the transformation that really got us: Stone's take on Leonardo DiCaprio. Wow. That's all we can say about this. Stone explains that most of these transformations are makeup-based, although sometimes, like in this DiCaprio transformation, some digital effects are needed (for example, the goatee and chest hair).

"I have always explained that normally 80% of my transformations I create are done using makeup, which is what I showcase in my videos. However, there's only so much makeup can do," Stone wrote. "I'm not a makeup artist. I create visual illusions using makeup and digital manipulation. Makeup enhances and hides my natural features, and digital work is there to alter what makeup can't."

Head over to Stone's Instagram account to see more of these crazy celebrity transformations. Then, see the coolest spooky makeup tutorial on the internet.