The Glossier Products Every Editor Uses on Repeat

The Glossier Products Every Editor Uses on Repeat

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It's hard to scroll through Instagram without seeing a beautiful marble bathroom countertop stylishly spread with the signature pale pink-and-white products embossed with "Glossier." It seems bloggers, influencers and cool girls around the beauty block can't stop raving about the "lit-from-within" effects of the cult skincare and makeup line. So we did a little Insta-digging to find the top Glossier products highly revered in the social sphere and why women from coast to coast love them so much.

Cloud Paint

Glossier Cloud Paint $18Shop

Just when we thought blushes were old hat, cloud paint came along to reinspire the frequently-skipped step in our makeup routine. The gel-cream blush quickly reached Insta-cult status with its chic paint tube packaging, and pretty shades that flatter a wide range of skin tones. Consider it a secret weapon for bringing your face some more life and radiance.


Glossier Haloscope $22Shop

We're all about this light-as-air hydrating highlighter. It glides on so seamlessly that you barely have to blend (although you still should). Its lustrous-but-not-shimmery finish imparts a natural glow on anyone who loves that dreamy, dewy look. Basically, if you've spent your time looking for something portable that will give you that no-makeup makeup look on even your dullest days, this is it.

Boy Brow

Glossier Boy Brow $16Shop

Here's a fun fact: Every single girl on our Byrdie team has at one point proudly owned (and raved about) this miraculous face-framing brow booster. It thickens and fills in brows without them looking stiff or flaky, so you can achieve those brushed-up brows in one sweeping brush. It's no wonder it's the product that set off the brow gel trend.

Priming Moisturizer

Glossier Priming Moisturizer $22Shop

Looking to achieve fresh, glowing skin before applying your makeup? This priming moisturizer is the answer. Beauty bloggers praise it for plumping the skin with moisture, providing an even texture, and giving skin a beautiful dewy finish. It's so great you might actually be convinced to skip your foundation.


Glossier Bubblewrap $26Shop

There are two facial features that, in particular, give away whether you're not hydrated enough: your eyes and your lips. Unfortunately, sometimes, even if we've done our best to hydrate, outside circumstances can have these areas looking lackluster, and you looking exhausted. Bubblewrap, with its creamy texture and large amounts of hyaluronic acid, is an easy answer to those issues. It's rich in consistency, but doesn't linger on your skin, and squalane and avocado oil only add to the emulsion's efficacy.

Generation G

Glossier Generation G $18Shop

A lip tint that comes in six flattering shades, Generation G's new and improved texture (and packaging) glides on like a moisturizing lip balm and leaves a modernly matte finish. Blotted-on out perfection.

Glossier You

Glossier Glossier You $60Shop

Glossier have described this in their promotional materials as a "skin smell enhancer," which is admittedly a bit creepy but also wildly accurate. (The whole concept of perfume is a bit creepy anyway, if you think about it.) What separates Glossier's perfume from other brands is that it was made to work with the wearer's body chemistry-whatever it may be-to make them smell just a little bit better, a little bit more like them. It's a weird (genius) concept, but the countless awards it has won are a testament to its appeal.

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