I Tried the Personalized Hair Mask and Serum Duo With a 17,000 Person Waitlist

I Tried the Personalized Hair Mask and Serum Duo With a 17,000 Person Waitlist

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When personalized haircare brand Function of Beauty reached out to me about testing out their latest offerings, the Custom Hair Mask ($19) and Custom Hair Serum ($19), I was intrigued. My past forays into the personalized haircare world, although admittedly not very extensive, yielded pretty 'meh' results, so to speak. Still, with naturally very fine and frizz-prone strands, I'm up for trying anything. And when I read that both products combined have a 17,000 person waitlist, I was even more eager to get my hands on them.В For reference, the brand was already on my radar: They initially launched with customizable shampoo and conditioner back in 2015, and launched a leave-in treatment earlier this year (watch how its made here).

In order to receive my personalized products I was sent an online survey to complete; my answers would inform the company exactly what to put into my personalized serum and mask formulas. I was walked through a sort of multiple choice quiz that asked me about my hair type (fine), state of my scalp (oily) and more. Next, I chose three hair goals (you can choose up to five) from a list of about a dozen; I was aiming to fix split ends, as well as deep condition and replenish my hair.В

One of the coolest parts, in my opinion, was choosing the fragrance option (peach, pear, eucalyptus, floral or fragrance-free) and strength (light, medium or strong); I went with medium-strength eucalyptus. You also get to choose the color of the formula (I picked purple because its pretty, although in hindsight wish I would've tried dye-free). Another plus: All Function of Beauty products are formulated without sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, or gluten. About a week after submitting my answers, both products showed up on my doorstep in a cute box-and the bottles had my name printed on them.

As for the results, I'm going to be really honest with you: I have tried, and continue to try, a lot of hair products-masks and serums included. It's what I do for a living, and I love it, but the point being that it takes a lot for a hair product to really blow me away, which is why most of them don't. I'm happy to report that this product duoВ pleasantly surprised me, and I'm officially hooked. The serum is very lightweight, which, for someone with fine (and I'll admit, maybe thinning) hair, is extra important, because it doesn't weigh down my strands at all. I tend to use it as a finishing touch on my lengths and ends, or I'll apply it directly onto my hair when it's damp, post-shower.

Function of Beauty Custom Hair Serum $19Shop

The mask is also impressive, and it works to deep condition quickly; I applied a liberal amount to my lengths and ends post-shampoo and left it on for a few minutes while I shaved (it's designed for in-shower use). After rinsing, blow-drying and styling, my usually-frayed ends were noticeably tamed and looked healthier than they typically do. I used it in place of conditioner, even though the directions say to use it after your normal conditioner, because, again, my hair tends to get easily weighed down.

Function of Beauty Custom Hair Mask $19Shop

This photo is two days post-mask, no curling iron used and very minimal styling or brushing (don't judge). My ends are still feeling more hydrated than normal. My natural waves curled up and formed like this easily, all on their own, which is truly a miracle in and of itself. When they aren't properly moisturized, they fall flat or simply frizz out. It's also worth noting that the eucalyptus scent, which is 100 percent natural (and why I picked it) is also pleasant, with a nice tingly feeling to boot.

Overall, I now am convinced that the power of personalized hair care is very real, and it's something that I'll continue to invest in long after my PR mailer runs out.

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