Reviewed: Benefit's First-Ever Fake Tanner

Fake tanning can be a right faff. There's the necessary exfoliating beforehand, the application that has to be done with military precision and the ceremonial changing of the bed sheets before you hit the pillow (unless you want to ruin your White Company set). Oftentimes I'll do all this and still end up a streaky mess. Plus, I always smell like biscuits, and since my boyfriend isn't the Cookie Monster, he's rarely impressed. So when I was given a bottle of Benefit's new Hoola Zero Tanlines Body BronzerВ (ВЈ20) back in January I popped it into the beauty cupboard vowing to give it a try-at some point. Keep scrolling for our verdict on Benefit's new body product.

Benefit Cosmetics

Sure, the bottle looks nice and the lid looks like a hula skirt (cute!) but it's still fake tan, which leaves me dubious. What swayed me is that it's a low-commitment tan. In fact, Benefit called it a body bronzer-there's no DHA (the active ingredient in fake tan that causes the colour to develop and leaves that biscuit-y aroma), it's instant so the colour you see is the colour you stay and when you build up the layers of product, you're in complete control.В

The lid plays house to a sponge with a handle that you use to apply the sheer gel-like product onto the skin. It blends in like a dream, and you can buff any potential streaks into submission without fear of being left with orange palms. It's really, stupidly easy to apply and the colour lasts 12 hours-so until you next shower.

For hardcore fake tan fans this won't be enough, the colour is faint and buildable, and it gives you a healthy sun-kissed glow rather than a colour akin to two weeks in Barbados. But that's what makes it perfect for right now, when you want a tan that looks like a healthy hint of colour, one that looks real. It will also make the perfect tan intensifier when you are on holiday (finally!)-use it to boost your natural colour at night, even out tan lines or an uneven skin tone or apply when you get home from a trip to eek out the last of your tan.

Shop Benefit's new Hoola Zero Tanlines Body BronzerВ (ВЈ20).

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