15 Cheap Products Beauty Editors Actually Rate

15 Cheap Products Beauty Editors Actually Rate

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They're the first to test every new beauty product on the market, but despite the UK's top beauty editors having access to the most luxurious of treats, even they have their go-to bargains. From the ВЈ3 nappy cream to the ВЈ6 lip balm, you can afford them and they can't live without them. Keep scrolling to find out which steals get the beauty editor seal of approval.

I'm a sucker for a face mist andВ The Body Shop's Vitamin E Face MistВ (ВЈ10) is quite the cult classic. I keep it on my desk and spritzВ my skin whenever it feels like it needs a hit of moisture. I love the delicate rose scent too. I also love Lanolips Ointment 101В (ВЈ11).В Okay, it's a little over a tenner but it's worth it, the multipurpose balm soothes any kind of skin irritation and I often have at least three tubes on the go!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist $10Shop

When I run out of Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing CreamВ (ВЈ4),В I actually panic, as does my husband now I've introduced him to it. It's soothing for any kind of skin issue-to hide evidence of waxing (what waxing?), to soothe dry skin, when your nose is sore from blowing it too often, but most of all on a spot. It contains zinc oxide, which is a wonder blemish mineral. I buy the mini tubes and chuck them in my bag-I will have three on the go at any one time.

Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream $4Shop

My cheapest and most loved beauty product is Carmex Lip Pot OriginalВ (ВЈ3). My dad is American, so I basically grew up on the stuff. We had a family joke that if ever anything was wrong with us (cuts, bruises, grazes, scrapes, etc.) he would tell us that Carmex would fix it. So I got accustomed to/ hooked on its divine menthol smell. There are lots more luxe (and effective) lip balms out there, but somehow I will always remain loyal to that little yellow and white pot. It's my friend for life.В

Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm $3Shop

I'm constantly trying out (and falling in love with) a bevy of brilliant new bases. But BD Trade Secrets Mattifying Base Oil Free FoundationВ (ВЈ9)В is the one that I keep coming back to (and one of the few to make it from the back of my hand to my face). The oil-free texture gives great coverage yet looks light enough to offer a healthy glow, and the Porcelain shade is my perfect color match-whenever someone gives me a compliment on my skin, you can be sure it's when I'm wearing this foundation.

BD Trade Secrets Mattifying Base Oil Free Foundation $9Shop

It is bonkers to spend more than a tenner, even a fiver, on eye make-up remover. I use Garnier Simply Essentials Soothing 2-in-1 Makeup RemoverВ (ВЈ5)В and buy them in bulk when there's a deal on at Boots or Superdrug. I wear waterproof, smudge-proof mascara and eyeshadow every day, and this gentle bi-phase water melts it all away without tugging or drying the skin. It doesn't irritate or sting either, which is a problem I've found with similar bi-phase removers from designer brands.

Garnier Simply Essentials Soothing 2-in-1 Makeup Remover $5Shop

I love the Rimmel London Lip Conditioning Balm by KateВ (ВЈ6) It's literally the best-it's non-greasy but conditions lips to perfection. It's one of the few lip balms you can wear under lipstick too. I also love the H&M; makeup rangeВ (from ВЈ2)-it's so good! The nail polishes are fab and so are the eyeshadows and matte lipsticks.

Rimmel London Lip Conditioning Balm by Kate $6Shop

Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing CreamВ (ВЈ4)В has saved my skin on many, many occasions. Its rich, zinc-packed formula makes for a great anti-inflammatory skin soother. I slather it on when my skin is feeling dry, sensitive or if I'm struggling with breakouts, and it never fails to do the trick. If you apply it overnight as a mask, you'll see results as soon as you wake.В I also love Maybelline Baby Lips Lip BalmВ (ВЈ3). I can create a whole look armed with it! I dab it onto my eyelids, my cheeks and my lips for an all over flush. My favorite shade is Pink Shock. It's the dream.В

Maybelline Baby Lips $3Shop

I carry a tube of Boots Dermacare Hydrocortisone 1% OintmentВ (ВЈ4)В everywhere; my reactive skin can flare up into an itchy rash at the most inopportune moments, and hydrocortisone is the one thing that will settle allergic reactions and eczema flare-ups fast. You must never use this liberally and for longer than a few days, as it will thin your skin in the long run. But for facial emergencies, it's the best.

Boots Dermacare Hydrocortisone 1% Ointment $4Shop

I absolutely love Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion (ВЈ7). It comes in a large, satisfyingly weighty bottle so you can really slather it on. It's just a really brilliant all-over lotion that softens my dry skin, lasts a long time and doesn't clash with my fragrance. Sure, the packaging doesn't have much in the way of "shelfie" appeal, but my skin doesn't really care about that. I just hide it in the bathroom cupboard.В

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion $7Shop

During the summer I swear by tweaking my brow color with Jolen CrГЁme BleachВ (ВЈ5). It's the fastest way to a sun-kissed face.В

Jolen CrГЁme Bleach $5Shop

I honestly have no idea where I would be (or what my hair would look like) without dry shampoo. I started using TresemmГ© Instant Refresh Volumizing Dry ShampooВ (ВЈ3)В at university, as it was budget friendly and I didn't always have the time or inclination to wash my hair. This revived, refreshed and didn't leave a talc-like residue like so many back in the day. Plus it gives extra oomph at the roots. Twelve years later, it's now my toddler who's preventing me from having the time to wash my hair, and I am still using this religiously. And the InvisibobbleВ (ВЈ4) is genius. There is one either in my hair or wrapped round my wrist at all times.

TresemmГ© Instant Refresh Volumising Dry Shampoo $3Shop

Which affordable beauty buys do you swear by? Let us know in the comment box below.