Celeb Hairstylist Joseph Maine Says This Product Is "Unbelievable at Repelling Humidity"

Celeb Hairstylist Joseph Maine Says This Product Is "Unbelievable at Repelling Humidity"

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Celebrity hairstylist Joseph Maine is an artist when it comes to using heat tools and an expert when it comes to sussing out the best styling products. He's also no stranger to a stand-out hair accessory, whether that's a giant pearly barrette, brightly colored organza ribbons, or jewel-encrusted pins. His unique and inventive styles have drawn the likes of Priyanka Chopra, Ashley Benson, and Kate McKinnon to his client roster. As if that's not enough, he's also the founder of The Product Junkie and the artistic director for Color Wow Hair.

He took a break from styling, creating, and directing to chat with us about his favorite products. These aren't just any old hair products, though. They're his tried-and-true, dessert island, can't-live-without products. There's one that he calls his "secret weapon," and another he describes as being "unbelievable at repelling humidity" (he's based in NYC, so yeah, he knows all about humidity hair woes). Keep scrolling to see (and shop) all 5 of his fave products.

Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray $28Shop

"The one thing that I cannot live without is Color Wow's Dream Coat. This product is unbelievable at repelling humidity. It's something you spray all throughout the hair, while the hair is wet, and then you blow dry it in. It gives you this unbelievable glass-like shine, while being really lightweight in the hair. It's like water. I think we've seen a lot of these really silky-smooth looks and really high silky ponytails lately. This is how you achieve that look and get it to hold all day long."

SHASH Boar Bristle Brush $30Shop

"We have my secret weapon. This is what I like to call a snatch brush, so it's a boar bristle brush that has a nice rounded edge. Whenever you're trying to do a really high, tight pony, or even a one-sided sleek look, this is the key to getting it super sleek. I spray a ton of hairspray and then really rub and press that into the scalp and you'll get a really high, tight snatch or a really smooth look. As tight as it will get the ponytail, it's actually really pretty soft on the scalp, so I can't live without this."

Ed. Note: The specific Sam Villa brush Maine mentions is currently out of stock. Shop this similar product on Amazon.

Kitsch x Justine Marjan 2 Piece Medium Rhinestone Snap Clips $29Shop

"We're seeing a lot of these sparkly items put in everybody's hair; it's kind of the more the merrier these days. These snap clips are really fun to accessorize with, even with just a simple sleek look or these cool French-girl bobs we're seeing a lot of-adding one of these to one side or both sides really helps spruce up a look. It takes it from an everyday style to a cool red carpet finish."

Babe Waves Hair Waving Iron $85Shop

"Next up is this really fun hair waver called Babe Waves. This is an iron that will give you that awesome flat iron wave look in just minutes. Many of you have seen people do flat iron waves, and it's something a lot of my clients are asking me to teach them how to do. I found it both really difficult for women to do on their own and for me to even teach them, so this is a great way to achieve that. It essentially works like a massive crimper and gives you a really nice soft wave. You just work your way down the hair very slowly with this iron and it gives you an awesome soft wave."

"I think we're kind of moving away from those days of the perfect curl into more of a wavy texture, and this will help you achieve that."

Color Wow Pop & Lock Crystallite Shellac $20Shop

"Finally, we have Color Wow's Pop & Lock. This is something I use on nearly every client. It's a really simple shine serum that you can use to tame fly-aways or just to add a bit of shine. I use a good two to three pumps, and if I put someone's hair into a high ponytail, I'll just rub it into my hands, and just give it that nice pull to get any fly-away's out and then I'll go down the length of the ponytail. Or, if I've done a beautiful wave, after I brush it out, I'll take both of my hands and slide it along those waves."

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