Redditors Claim These 9 Skincare Finds Are the Fountain of Youth in a Bottle

Redditors Claim These 9 Skincare Finds Are the Fountain of Youth in a Bottle

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We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Redditors have an insatiable, on-point, and somewhat aggressive approach to beauty products andВ unabashed honesty when it comes to reviews. (No really, product-obsessiveВ Redditors don't hold back!) So when we stumbled uponВ this post from Health featuring the Reddit's epic black hole of skincare-product talk (otherwise known asВ Skincare Addiction), we canceled our plans, shut off our phones, and dug in.

The result: nine epic anti-aging skincare products Reddit users claim to be the best of the bunchВ when it comes to youth-preserving perks. Better yet, the covetable collection comes in a wide array of price tags, so you're sure to find something that won't break your personal piggy bank this season. Handy, no? Ahead, the nine best anti-aging skincare goods Redditors are currently obsessing over. Trust us. In five, 10, orВ 50 years, your skin will thank us!В

Timeless Skin Care 20% Vitamin C Plus E Ferulic Acid Serum $18Shop

My 70-year-old mom has sworn by this stuff for a while now (she knows a thing or two about maintaining a superhuman youthfulВ glow), and according to nitpicky Redditors, they concur in love.В

"In my previous life, I could afford many treatments and products, including Skinceuticals CE Fueleric. For the past 4 years, I only used sunscreen due to my budget. I recently turned 60, and the Californian sun has taken a toll. I found Timeless CE Ferulic two months ago, and after one month my skin is glowing! So happy." -В u/seaglassaddict

The Ordinary "Buffet" Multi-Technology Peptide Serum $15Shop

"I really love this product, I was actually sad when it finally ran out. The bottle lasted from mid-August to the first week of January, so ~20 weeks. At first, I was only using this in the AM, but after about two weeks of use, I started using it in my PM routine as well. The texture is nice and it's not really sticky or tacky unless you use too much product, 2-3 drops was just enough to cover my face and neck.

"I am 27, so I'm not sure that I really need an anti-aging product like this yet, but I think it's going to be something I'll appreciate using in the long run. It has sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid) in it, which is probably why the fine lines on my face seemed less noticeable after use, but that is really the only benefit I've seen so far. I didn't experience any breakouts or other sensitivities with this product, and I have fairly sensitive skin. I plan on using this product indefinitely." - u/dollarwhiskey

Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly $8Shop

At Byrdie HQ, we kind of have a fetish for the versatility the magical wonder of Vaseline has graced us with over the years. And apparently, Redditors share a similar appreciation.

“I've been applying Vaseline to my eyelids and surrounding area since I was 18 (I had been using an eye cream that completely f*cked my skin, which Vaseline cured). I am now 27, and have zero wrinkles around my eyes. I've now been using it all over my face for about four years now and will never go back. Vaseline for life!!!” - u/lopur

Paula's Choice 10% Niacinamide Booster $44Shop

“Paula's Choice 10% Niacinamide Booster. This product is amazing-in just days, it has totally transformed my skin. Just a week ago, my skin was rough/dehydrated and dull looking and suddenly my skin is so much more even-toned, glowy, plump, smooth, clear, and so soft.

"My pores are smaller and I don't get as oily during the day as I usually do. I've been using The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% for months and while it's good for controlling clogged pores/acne and giving me a glow, the Paula's Choice niacinamide really does so much more for me and has a much more elegant texture.” - u/goldercherry

CeraVe Ultra-Light Face Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30 $19Shop

"I saw a post on here recently where someone said they gave up on sunscreen and were using a moisturizer with SPF instead. I caved and tried this $13 moisturizer and IT'S AMAZING. My skin glows, it doesn't cake or stick to my makeup, and honestly, IDAF it's not the most powerful sunscreen out there, because let's be honest, I'm hiding from the sun all day and this is really just for those moments before you put on sunglasses or a hat." -В u/batboobies

Mario Badescu Rose Hip Nourishing Oil $22Shop

"Rosehip seed oil (which is also great for acne-prone skin types) is high in beta-carotene which is a precursor to your vitamin A (retinols/oids) and is converted when applied to the skin. Some may consider it too gentle to make a difference on its own, but if a routine is being tailored to anti-aging in particular, I would definitely consider it an important addition!" -В u/jv_level

Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm with Echinacea GreenEnvy $34Shop

"This came with my boxycharm and I decided to try it. I USED to take off my makeup with micellar cleansing water, but this removes my makeup so much better! Mascara and all, it cleans everything with one try. It's called green clean by the farmacy company. Looked them up and apparently, they use all natural ingredients. Definitely, recommend!" -В u/princessjazzzzz

Sunday Riley Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment $158Shop

“I definitely think Sunday Riley Good Genes is worth the price and the hype. I've used a lot of different acid products, high and low end, and I would pick Good Genes over anything else. It's versatile (use as an intense weekly treatment mask, a daily or every other day serum, a spot treatment, or layer under a clay mask for a facial type experience), a little goes a longggg way, the formulation is perfection, and above all else - it's EFFECTIVE. There's an immediate plump and glow factor, and after continued use, it refined my skin's texture, tone, and clarity.” - u/donoweave

Elta MD UV Shield Broad-Spectrum SPF 45 $48Shop

“I told my friend to go get the EltaMD sunscreen (meaning EltaMD UV clear) but she went and got the EltaMD UV shield sunscreen by accident… and boy am I glad she did because it's my new holy grail sunscreen.

"Absorption-OMG, so fast. And it leaves my skin so soft. Not shiny at all. I have really dry skin and my friend has oily skin and it looked perfect on both of us. White cast-NONE, NONE AT ALL. And we both have dark skin. Eye irritation-Nope, and my eyes get irritated super easily. Cost-This is by far the cheapest sunscreen (suitable for the face) that I have seen. It's about $5 an ounce.” - u/HollaDude

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