7 Amazing Beauty Tips We've Picked up From Men

7 Amazing Beauty Tips We've Picked up From Men

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While there is so much to get out of our relationships with men, beauty advice often falls to the bottom of the list. Somehow, deep-seated gender norms have dictated skin and hair careВ routines are meant onlyВ for women, raising generations of men who scoff at anti-aging serumsВ and roll their eyes over-grooming habits. Often, these are the same men who work out multiple times a week and chug protein shakes in search of a fit, healthier-looking physique. So what gives?В

In a speech at the Makers Conference last week, Jill Soloway, the creator of Amazon's Transparent, mentions a gender dynamic that helps to explain the disconnect. "In patriarchy, men see, and women are looked at," she says. So while anyone is allowedВ to care about beauty, women are taught of its importance from the womb, while men are taught they have better things to do.

It is important to note, though, that things are changing and beauty standards are (slowly but surely) evolving. Take James Charles's campaign with CoverGirlВ and Manny Mua's with Maybelline. Both makeup artists are each of the brands' first-ever male reps. I decided to explore this notion a bit and reach out to other men who are helping to change those stereotypes for the better. Some are in the biz as successful makeup artists and hairstylists, while others are friends or partners in our lives. Each one revealed genuinely great beauty tips from hair products to skincare to makeup.

1. Wash Your Hair Less

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"Wash your hair less. Hair just looks better lived in and dirty. Use some KГ©rastase Powder Bluff or VIP Spray to add some grit and texture." - Matt Fugate, KГ©rastase consulting hairstylist

2. Steam Your Face

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"I use a face scrub in the shower because the steam opens up my pores and it doesn't feel as abrasive-but I make sure to turn the temperature down to make sure the water doesn't dry out my skin." - Bryn Garrett, architect

3. Invest in All-Natural Calming Products for Irritated Skin

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"One of my favorite productsВ is a fresh mask that Lush sells called Rosy Cheeks. Because I have such fair skin, any redness I have is veryВ noticeable. This mask is aВ blend ofВ kaolin, calamine and Turkish rose oil, and it delicately calms myВ skin and restores balance." - Taylor Kelly, director of marketing

4. Style Your Hair Before It's Dry

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"When going for a messy look on short hair, I get my hair about 80% dry, and then I add my product (like a pomade). I first make it really messy, and then I shape it without taking out the texture. I let it air-dry the rest of the way, and by the time it's dry, it's already styled." - Nate Rosenkranz, Honey hairstylist

5. Embrace Thickening Gel

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"I love a thickening gel. KГ©rastase's MatГ©rialiste is hands down my favorite. It makes hair thicker, textured and lifted at the root." - Fugate

6. Get Into Spirulina

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"Spirulina is packed with everything you need and has anti-aging benefits-it helps with skin health and dark circles, which is a huge deal." - Sir John

7. Disguise Dirty Hair

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"After the gym, I like doing a quick paper towel blot on my hair and around my hairline. Then, I blow-dry dry shampoo into the rootsВ so I don't look sweaty throughout the rest of the day." - Fugate