This Is the Perfect Product If You Rarely (or Never) Style Your Hair

This Is the Perfect Product If You Rarely (or Never) Style Your Hair

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As much as I invest in skincare and love playing with makeup, I've never been able to get on board in the same way with haircare. I have friends who look like they've just left the salon all the time-who can wield a curling iron like a pro or create Instagram-worthy braids without trying. On the other hand, for me, a "good hair day" is when my hair doesn't stick up when I roll out of bed. And though I rarely style my hair, I still love hair products-especially the hypnotic scent the best brands leave that lingers like the subtlest and most enticing perfume.

It was actually the scent-after the striking minimalist packaging and before becoming familiar with the efficacy of the products, of course-that initially turned me on to Sachajuan, the luxe Swedish haircare brand formulated by hairstylists Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosalind. Complex base notes of cedarwood and white musk envelop the hair with a clean, cozy warmth that's nothing short of addictive. The only problem is it's typically only a special occasion that compels me to whip out my styling products.

Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume $72Shop

So when I recently came across Sachajuan's Protective Hair Perfume, I knew I had just discovered my new favorite hair product. I've been previously familiar with hair perfumes from fragrance lines that mimic perfume for the hair, but as someone who doesn't like wearing a strong perfume (my ride-or-die fragrance is the ever-so-subtle Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 Eau de Toilette, $135), the last thing I wanted was a perfume-y smell caught in my strands all day.

But a lightweight spray that boasts the distinctive fragrance of my favorite hair-care line, making my tresses smell freshly styled and subtly scented? Sign me up.

Now, my hair smells like the delicious Sachajuan scent sans styling products. It works great as a refresher on days I don't wash my hair, but is just as lovely on clean hair as an added oomph that smells super-luxe but is never overpowering. What's also cool is that the product isn't just masking smells with its fragrance, but it actually encapsulates and breaks down odor molecules with a blend of natural citrus oils to truly freshen hair. It also moisturizes strands, fights static, and boosts shine-a multitasking win, especially for someone who rarely (or never) styles their hair. To top it off, it earns its name as a "Protective Hair Perfume" because it counteracts free radical damage-another worthwhile reason to spritz it on every day, even if it's the only thing you do to your hair.

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