Help! My Eyelashes Are Falling Out


Eyelashes fall out-that's a fact of life. You shed approximately four eyelashes per day. But what happens when the shedding is more than that and you're looking rather bald along the lash line? Before you start panicking, fear not. We've hunted down some expert advice from a leading makeup artist about what could be the cause behind this sudden loss of hair. While we would always urge you to go see a specialist if you have some serious health concerns, thisВ will help point you in the right direction of what's really behind your excess lash shedding.

#1: Allergies

Speaking to Rimmel London Global Makeup Artist Kirstin Piggott, we discovered one of the biggest culprits could be lurking in your makeup bag. She revealed that most mascarasВ "contain chemicals which can cause lashes to fall out or cause allergies, such as sore, itchy eyes, or eyes that water more frequently." This can then lead to your eyelashes falling out. To prevent any further shedding, Piggott advises to stop using the mascara immediately and "give your lashes a break, leaving them bare for a few days to recover." She also pointed out that if your mascara is old, that can also be creating problems, as it can get contaminated with bacteria over time.

#2: Rubbing Your Eyes

It seems obvious really, doesn't it? But if you're rubbing your eyes often, that could be causing your lashes to fall out more regularly. Piggott says, "Dirty hands can cause cross-contamination, causing infections which will, in turn, mean your lashes fall out."

#3: Eyelash Curlers

Piggott says the "extra tension" of pulling on your eyelash curlers can mean your lashes are more prone to falling out, but also if you don't clean your lash curlers frequently, "product on them builds up, making them sticky and meaning they can pull on your lashes, removing them." Excuse us as we're just off to clean our curlers, pronto.В

#4: Hyperactive Thyroid

Don't start panicking. It's reported that one in eight women will develop a thyroid problem in her lifetime, with one in 20 peopleВ being affected by thyroid problems in the UK, so it's not a surprise that this could be one of the possible factors. Hair loss, and therefore lash loss, can occur when someone is suffering from hyperthyroidism. You can go for a simple blood test to find this out.

#5: Alopecia

There are many kinds of alopecia, and one can also affect your eyelash growth too. Alopecia AreataВ "is an autoimmune disease affecting any hair-bearing area of the body, including the eyelashes."В While it's very much to do with your genes (if someone in your family has it, you're more likely to), it only affects two people for every 1000. AA is often treated with steroids, injection or ointment, but, again, do speak to your doctor if you are concerned that this might be the case, as they will be able to refer you to a specialist.В