12 Father's Day Beauty Gifts You'll Want to Steal From Dad

12 Father's Day Beauty Gifts You'll Want to Steal From Dad

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When we give Mom a Mother's Day gift, it's usually one we can perhaps reap the benefits of on the side.В Oh, this perfume? Mom will love it-and so will I, tbh.В We know she'll want to borrow the sweater or curling iron she gave us at some point or another, so the playing field evens out eventually.

But what about Father's Day giftsВ for dads? Traditionally, men's workwear (i.e., all those ties) are the It items for his special day, but truth be told, Dad could benefit from our love for beauty and wellness, too. Skincare can do a man a world of good, especially if he's the type whoВ still puts body lotion on his face. Every guy is in need of a good SPF, and a few shaving supplements never hurt anyone either. SoВ for Father's DayВ this year, we've put together a list of killer beauty items that Dad needs in his life (and that you can even borrow from time to time, too).

Clarisonic Mia $99Shop

Sure, there's a Clarisonic that's specifically designed for men, but this brush is gentle enough that you can borrow it from your pops (with your own brush head, that is). It's great for using on your neck, shoulders, lips, and scalp, too!

Context Restorative Night Cream $45Shop

Context is a unisex hypoallergenic brand, so really anything from the line will be a good product to share with Dad. Particularly, this night cream is ultra soothing and calming-the perfect way to wind down before bedtime.

HermГЁs Terre d'HermГЁs $185Shop

Give your dad the gift of luxury with the French fashion house'sВ iconic fragrance. With rich notes of grapefruit and black and pink peppercorns, you'll be sneaking spritzes for yourself.

Rumble Roller Foam Massage Roller $70Shop

You may be familiar with one of Goop's favorite workout tools, foam rollers, but this studded one will feel even dreamier as it massages and kneads out your (we mean, Dad's) aches and pains.

Malin + Goetz Ingrown Hair Cream $34Shop

Men and women are plagued with ingrown hairs, so why not gift Dad with the relief of no more red bumps? It's got soothing botanicals to ease redness as well as salicylic and glycolic acid to exfoliate and clear congestion.

Kiehl's Since 1851 Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap $15Shop

Dad will love this intense exfoliating soap that leaves no dead skin in its tracks. With more sloughing bran and oatmeal that usually grace women's versions, it delivers serious, invigorating exfoliation toВ Dad (or you).

Nivea for Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm $5Shop

Kylie Jenner shared on Snapchat that her makeup artist, HrushВ Achemyan, uses this men's drugstore product as a mattifying primer on the reality star. Of course, once the news broke, the internet went wild.В

Le Labo Santal 33 $275Shop

Senior editor Hallie Gould loves thisВ unisex scent. It's woody, spicy, and has hints of violet-the perfect blend of masculine and feminine.В

Ren Tamanu High Glide Shaving Oil $29Shop

This shaving oil may be formulated for men, but lather up a small amount with some water in the shower and your legs will never feel smoother.

Urban Moonshine Immune Tonic Travel Spray $19Shop

Urban Moonshine boasts a line of health-promoting extracts and tonics, all in the theme of spirits to entice Dad to take care of himself. The brand even offers digestive bittersВ for a healthy GI tract.

Big Cloud Mint Leaf Lip Balm $6Shop

This lip offering is easily one of my favorite balms-and it's marketed toward men. If you go on the brand's website, you'll see reviews of male customers talking about their daughters stealing it from them-it's just that good.

Level Naturals Tea Tree & Activated Charcoal Soap $8Shop

Get Dad on board with one of the latest beauty trends you love with this activated charcoal soap to wash away impurities and soothe irritated skin with tea-tree oil.