You'll Never Guess Which Beauty Trend Has Overtaken Braids on Pinterest

You'll Never Guess Which Beauty Trend Has Overtaken Braids on Pinterest

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When we're not asking trend forecastersВ to share the beauty looks destined to hit peak coolness in 2017, we're searching social media for clues.В (It's a tough job, etc., etc.) This week, Pinterest went and released a summary of trending topicsВ based on search and save user activity over the past 12 months, effectively doing our job for us. According to the site, "in order for a trend to make it into the report, it must show considerable year over year increase, critical mass and a strong upward trend during the final 3-6 months of the year." In other words, their estimations are pretty legitВ and predictive of what we're all about to be Pinning obsessively (if we aren't already). The report covers everything from interiors and travel to style, but-unsurprisingly-we care most about what's currently happening in Beauty Land. And there's a lot to get excited about.

This year, according to everybody's favourite online mood board, we'll be taking braids to the next level by adding them to aВ topknot. (Think Lily Collins at the Golden Globes.) Coconut oilВ will be overtaken by a surprisingly low-key skincare ingredient, and balayageВ will take on a much edgier vibe. Keen to discover the 10 amazing beauty trends that will rule Pinterest in 2017?В

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Twist Me Pretty

We're always on the huntВ for new ways to reinvent the topknot (see: plus clip-in fringe like Kendall Jenner.) In 2017 we'll be upgrading the low-key style with a chic French braid in the back. (Think we can thank Julianne Hough for this trend, don't you?)



According to Pinterest, the no-heat hair trend is definitely ready for it's moment in the spotlight. This year, we'll go beyond learning how to successfully air-dryВ into styling. From creating effortless waves without hot tools, to embracing your natural texture, there's lots to get on board with.



That balayage is STILL going strong nine years after it first became a "thing" in Australia (yep, it really has been that long since Brad Ngata took Pip Edwards' ends blonde), says a lot about its ability to flatter. The next iteration? Ash tones on both blonde and brunettes, ranging from cool and creamy to grey.



We've come to terms with the fact that our collective obsession with brow perfection is here to stay (even celebrities can't stop making over their arches), so it's no surprise beauty lovers are searching "microblading" (aka brow tattooing) in record numbers. Interested? Here's how to knowВ which eyebrow treatment is right for you.


The Jojoba Company 100% Natural Australian Jojoba $20Shop

Coconut oilВ devotees, cover your ears-2017 is set to be the year your go-to takes a popularity hit in favour of humble jojoba. Rich in vitamins A, D and E, jojoba oil is technically a wax ester very similar to our own natural sebum. This quality makes it betterВ able to penetrate and nourish skin that many other facial oils. (Including coconut, soz.)



Cut-crease eye makeup certainly isn't new (Elizabeth Taylor even practiced the contouring technique back in 1974), but it is trending thanks to a number of talented Pinners.В (See above.) This look does take skill to execute flawlessly, but happily there's no shortage of tutorials to follow. (That, or you can try one of these 60-second eye makeup looksВ instead.)


Origins Clear Improvement Mask $37Shop

We've been smitten with this skin-purifying ingredient for a few years now, using it on the regular to nix bacteria, dirt and blackheads. This year, according to Pinterest, we'll be wanting it in mask form specifically.В



A metallic mani is always fun, but if you're more into shine than sparkle, give chrome nails a go. (The trend is up 570 per cent since last year.) Colour choice is up to you, (we're partial to Deborah Lippmann's rosyВ Lullaby Of Broadway, $27), as long as it gleams.В


Tarte Cheek Stain in Tipsy $42Shop

As we get stuck into 2017 we're getting busier and busier. Less time to fuss over day-to-day makeup means reaching for beauty products that do double-duty. Enter: Lip and cheek stain. Nab yourself a peachy hue in an easy-to-use stick like Tarte's TipsyВ ($42) and you can smooth it onto lids, too.В


Byrdie Australia via Pinterest

If Pinterest is anything to go by, you're about to have a drawer overflowing with scarves… Get excited, because the lazy-girl's answer to bad hair days is poised to hit the mainstream.