Selena Gomez Just Brought Back Our Favorite Early 2000s Hair Trend

Selena Gomez Just Brought Back Our Favorite Early 2000s Hair Trend

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Anyone who's ever had bangs can agree that the grow-out period, quite frankly, sucks. The awkward period where they're too long to be true bangs but too short to be tucked the ear are the stuff nightmares are made of, which is why we fully commend Selena Gomez for showing us that it can be done. The trick? Just sweep them to the side and embrace your favorite early 2000s hair trend: side-swept bangs. Please see exhibit A below.

Her longtime hairstylist Marissa Marino (who once touched my strands and I've been #blessed ever since) posted the above shot on Instagram, where Gomez can be seen with sleek, long bangs pushed ever-so-casually to the side. The look brings us flashbacks to the clang of high school lockers and the Age of Hair Straighteners, yet it somehow still looks modern and chic. We haven't seen Gomez in full-on side-swept bangs like this since her Disney days, and it's clearly still working for her. Could this be the start of the resurgence of the side-swept bang? It is flattering on all face shapes and fairly easy to style, so Gomez could be onto something.

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