Exclusive: Olivia Holt's Quirky Workout Secret

Olivia Holt is 18 going on 30. Speaking on the phone with the Disney Channel starlet, you'd never know she was still a teen in the eyes of society. The maturity in her voice and her unique perspective on her flourishing career is equal parts refreshing and admirable. With two movies on the way (Same Kind of Different as Me and The Standoff, both due out in 2016), it's amazing how much the busy actress stays grounded. And much like her fresh personality, the actress's skin is a thing of envy. We wanted to get the inside scoop on how Holt stays looking so flawless and fit despite her hectic schedule, and discovered a couple of interestingВ tips in the process.В To learn more about Olivia's beauty and fitness tricks, keep scrolling!

I've read that you're really close with your older sister. Did you learn any beauty tips from her?

Holt: I think I missed the whole “older sister teaches younger sister how to put on makeup and how to dress,” and also the whole mother-daughter stuff, I think because I was working at such a young age, I didn't get the opportunity to learn from them, but growing up I was very just like, so obsessed with the way that my sister-I mean, I wanted to be just like her. So I would always go into her closet and just brought clothes out of there and wore them, and I'd try and wear my makeup like her or try and wear my hair like her. And she thought it was adorable and was totally into it and kind of let me just kind of be her in a way. I just wanted to be my sister growing up.

Have you learned any makeup tricks backstage and on set?

Holt:В I think it's cool that makeup artists can put makeup on a girl's face and make it look like they're not wearing any makeup at all. I think that that's such a cool technique, and I've kind of taken that into my personal life and I like to do it on my own.В

And is there a product that you always swear by?

Holt:В Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm.

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Do you also have a product that you like to carry around in your purse, something that you always have on hand?

Holt:В Mascara. Always, always, always mascara.

Your skin is amazing. What's your routine for keeping it so clear?

Holt:В I always keep makeup wipes in my car; that way if I'm at a shoot all day long and I know that I'm going to be super tired when I get home, I always use my makeup wipes to take off all the makeup. I also have a lot of products by Renee Rouleau. She has some really great products for keeping my skin very clean and healthy, and I have dry skin, so a lot of her products work enough for me. And I use a lot of SPF on my face just because I live in L.A. and it's always super hot and my skin is always being burned by the scorching hot sun, so laughs but yeah, a lot of her products work.

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How has your beauty look evolved since you were younger?

Holt:В Laughs. I feel like it's evolved so much. I feel like I had no idea what I was doing at age 13. I think I kind of just looked at photos online and tried to match whatever I was feeling at the moment, but it ended up not looking anything like I thought it would laughs, but I feel like I've kind of grown to love the whole look I've been doing most recently; kind of going back to what I was saying earlier, I love a more natural look, but adding maybe a bit of edge to it every once in a while, depending on where I'm going, you know? If I'm going out, I like to keep things simple, but there's always that one thing that adds a little bit of flair or a little bit of edge or just something that isn't like your everyday go-to look.В

Switching gears to fitness, I see you've done marshall arts for Kickin' It and that you've also taken up parkour?

Holt:В There was a class going on right next to my marital arts class and it was parkour, and it looked so interesting to me and IВ was very intrigued and I was like "I want to try that!" So the next time I was in the gym, I just jumped in the class and I ended up loving it, and it's a lot of fun; it's just kind of, like, you. You don't really have toВ go buy any machine-it's just fun. You've gotta keep your energy moving; I just feel like it's kind of like a reset and a refresher on your mind.

What's your current fitness routine? How do you stay in shape every week?

Holt:В I do go to the gym a lot. I have a bunch of different workouts that I do every time I go, but I like to focus on one thing each time I go; whether that's core or whether that's legs or arms, I have different workouts that I do and some that I don't-it's just something that I've kind of grown to love. When I'm done working, I'll go to the gym and I'll just do a quick workout or if I know I have time at night or in the morning, or if I have a day off I'll go during the day. Each time I go, I feel like my energy just becomes so much lighter and better.

What's your favorite (and fun!) way to stay fit? Share with us in the comments!

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