Is This $500 Device the Secret to Jennifer Aniston's Glow?

We're torn when it comes to at-home facial devices. On one hand, we enjoy the convenience of a spa-like treatment in the comfort of our own home. On the other hand, they never quite seem to deliver the same results we usually expect after a facial. (Which isn't surprising, since many of the devices used in an esthetician's office aren't FDA-approved for at-home use.) But ever since PureWow reported on a very intriguing device called The ZIIP, we're considering making major budget adjustments.

Currently, NuFACE's Trinity Facial Toning Device ($325) is the most widely known at-home device that uses microcurrents to firm and tighten the skin, but ZIIP wants to take a step further with nanotechnology-think micro-current, but even more potent-to deliver electrical currents into your skin and kick-start collagen and elastin production. Another cool aspect: The device syncs with an app that you download on your phone, so you can personalize your treatment each time.В

Created by A-list esthetician Melanie Simon, the nano-current technology was previously only available as an in-office treatment;В celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox have been said to be a fan of nano-current facials.В At $495 for the machine and $129 for 18 vials of her Golden Conductive Gel Treatment, it's definitely not cheap-in fact, we feel anxiety even thinking about dropping that much at once on a buzzy new device. But Simon's electro-current facials usually fall between $700 and $800-so if you think about it that way, it might just be a worthy investment. At the very least, it's moreВ motivation to kick our late-night online shopping habit (maybe).В

What do you think-would you invest in an at-home facial device that used the latest nanotechnology? Sound off below, and head over to PureWow to read the full story!

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