This Budget-Friendly Haircare Line Is Your Frizzy Mane's Saviour

This Budget-Friendly Haircare Line Is Your Frizzy Mane's Saviour

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As we slowly inch closer to spring, we're excited about the warmer weather and extra hours of daylight that the season promises. What we're not looking forward to, however, is the humidity that comes along with it. Frizzy-haired girls know that humidity can wreak havoc on your look and pretty much make you swear off trying to style it for the middle part of the year. The remedy? A solid arsenal of haircare products, of course. To that end, the Frizz Ease Forever Smooth collectionВ by John Frieda HaircareВ might just be the stylingВ saviour you've been waiting for.

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John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Shampoo $13Shop

The Frizz Ease Forever Smooth shampoo and conditioner set the stage for smooth style by working from the inside out to smooth frizzy strands using formulas with a blend of pure coconut oil (which we're already huge fans of) and the brand's Frizz Immunity Complex.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Conditioner $13Shop

Work the shampoo from roots to tips before conditioning for immediate results, and with continued use, the formula will keep working to help build up your mane's natural frizz defense. This duo leaves hair looking sleek and smooth without looking limp, so even fine-haired girls can rejoice.

John Frieda Forever Smooth Leave In Cream Primer $13Shop

The Forever Smooth Leave In Cream PrimerВ is a pre-blow dry leave-in treatment that gives your mane that extra frizz-ditching boost, and the trio even helps combat humidity for up to 72 hours. (If it could only get rid of the actual humidity, we'd be all set.)

What's your go-to frizz-fighter? Tell us in the comments below.