These Are the Best Teeth-Whitening Pens for Easy Brightening

We'd be lying if we said that we didn't care about the color of our teeth. In fact, if someone happens to comment on how white and bright our smile is, we feel pretty darn euphoric. That said, maintaining our pearly whites is no easy feat, which, perhaps, is why a compliment feels so victorious. We brush, we floss, and somehow we even manage to make our twice-yearly teeth cleanings (seriously, is there an award for that?).

Yet time and time again, we find ourselves wishing our teeth looked a tad more dazzling. Blame it on the booze, (just kidding, we just had to cue Jamie Foxx there), the coffee, or our occasional sugar cravings, but we're constantly on the search for the best teeth-whitening products. And right now, we're super into the idea of whitening pens. Quick, mess-free results that we can easily take on the go? Sign us up. Keep reading to see our list of the best teeth-whitening pens for easy brightening.

Dr. Ginger's Natural Coconut Oil Pulling Whitening Gel Bamboo Pen $18Shop

Not to get overly Gwyneth on you, but this all-natural teeth-whitening pen incorporates coconut oil for extra antibacterial benefits-boosting freshness and encouraging a healthy and ultra-white smile. Inspired by oil-pulling, this one's on our watch list and provides a one-two punch of payback, from minty-cool breath to healthier gums.

Polar Teeth Whitening Pen $10Shop

With 12% dental-grade hydrogen peroxide (sounds scary, but it's totally safe), this handy teeth whitening pen is one of the best when it comes to instantaneous results. All you have to do is apply, smile (dry time is around 30 seconds), and go! Just remember to wipe off any excess around your gums or lips.В

Smilebriter Teeth Whitening Gel Pens $15Shop

Pesky coffee and food stains are no match for this highly applauded teeth-whitening pen. Plus, a two-for-one price never hurt anyone. According to the brand (and lots of reviewers), the formula whitens and nixes stains in as little as three days.

Phillips Sonicare Single Whitening Touch-Up Pen $22Shop

If you love a heavier-duty whitening treatment but want something to maintain your super-bright results in between appointments, this pen from Phillips will be your new go-to. The gel is easy to apply and makes touch-ups a breeze.

Smileactives Advanced Teeth Whitening Pen $18Shop

Hot pink packaging, a refreshing Winterberry scent, and an advanced whitening formula separate this brightening pen from its competition. We recommend embracing your inner Plastic and applying this one on Wednesday. Because, after all, it's pink.

Smile Direct Club Bright On Whitening Pens (4-Pack Plus Lip Balm) $29Shop

Thanks to Smile Direct Club, you can have your cake and eat it too. Well, kind of. Not only will these adorable little tubes whiten your teeth on the spot, they're actually designed to brighten to such an extreme that the results will last up to six months.

Go Smile On the Go Teeth Whitening Pen $19Shop

Convenient, wallet-friendly, and effective-all things we want in a teeth-whitening pen-and this one just so happens to deliver on all fronts. The unique formula is not only easy on sensitive teeth and gums, it also adheres better to your enamel for a longer-lasting (and more superior) brightening result.

Tarte Pearly Girl Vegan Teeth Whitening Pen $22Shop

Leave it to cult-favorite makeup brand Tarte to not only create a whitening pen that boasts the best of the best results but one with a vegan formula, no less. Great for on-the-go touch-ups (it's so cute people won't even know it's a whitening pen, we swear), it also protects your enamel so, you know, you can enjoy that delish vegan ice cream cone.

Dr. Brite Natural Teeth Whitening Pen - Get Brite $20Shop

Adorable packaging aside, this peroxide-free pen is a gentle alternative for those seeking a whiter smile. Created by dentists, it's a smart solution if you have sensitive gums and teeth.

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