Byrdie Readers Share Their All-Time Favorite Essie Colors

Byrdie Readers Share Their All-Time Favorite Essie Colors

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In 1981, one Essie Weingarten created 12 stylish nail colors and began selling them in Las Vegas. Almost four decades later,В Essie is one of the most recognized nail polish brands in the country. Beloved for its massive and always current shade range, matchless staying power, chip resistance, and unforgettably whimsical color names, Essie has won over the hearts of nail painters everywhere.

Some Essie colors have outdone the others in terms of their iconic-ness, and since we know Byrdie readers are connoisseurs of the brand, we wanted to get their take. So we posted in Byrdie's secret Facebook group,В The Beauty Line, and asked our readers to tell us their holy-grail Essie colors Let's just say they had strong opinions. Keep scrolling to see what they said. Is your favorite Essie color below?

Essie Ballet Slippers $9Shop Essie

The “perfect pale opaque pink” is how Byrdie reader Emily describes this dainty hue. “Makes me feel girly and romantic.” Another reader, Mariana, loves the shade for summer in particular: “Goes well when my skin is tanned,” she says

Essie Clambake $7Shop

“The only red I feel I can take myself serious in,” says Byrdie reader Erika of this vibrant shade, which a different reader named Joey calls “the perfect jelly orange.”

Essie Midnight Cami $7Shop Essie

This deep midnight blue punctuated with bright blue shimmer is another of Emily's favorites. "It resembles the night sky and reminds me of my connection to the universe," she says.

Essie Bikini So Teeny $9Shop Essie

Mariana calls this flirty pastel shade "a fun blue color that's very cute."

Essie Big Spender $9Shop

This one's "a great magenta color that can be worn year-round," says Emily.

Essie Wicked $9Shop Essie

This deep burgundy is aВ top pick for multiple Byrdie readers, who call it "vampy but classic" and "a great deep red for fall and winter."

Essie Topless & Barefoot $9Shop Essie

Lovers of neutral colors are in agreement about this timeless shade. As Joey says, it's "the perfect, opaque nude without having any pink. Very classic."

Essie Bordeaux $9Shop

Another one on the vampier side, Bordeaux is "a deep wine which is a great alternative to black and it's more grown-up and sophisticated," Joey says.

Essie Lace Me Up $12Shop Essie

This dainty shade is "the most amazing pinky white color, which is great for year round, and it lasts forever," says a reader named Mollie. "Simply gorgeous!"

Essie After School Boy Blazer $9Shop

Multiple readers mention this classicВ deep blue as a favorite. As one reader named Susan describes, the shade "is such a dark beautiful navy, when you put it on you can't tell if its navy or black."

Essie Au Natural $9Shop

A Byrdie reader named Melanie calls this "a gorgeous sheer nude with a hint of sheen/glitter. So pretty and elongating for the fingers!"

Essie Ballet Slippers $9Shop Essie

No single Essie shade has stolen readers' hearts like the soft pink Ballet Slippers. The color is "always my simple go-to," says a readerВ named McKenzie. Joey agrees: "Ballet SlippersВ isВ a perfect sheer for when you want a little something, but not too much color." As a third reader namedВ Kate adds, "even if it makes me the most boring person alive,В Ballet Slippers always make me feel like A Real Adult."

What's your favorite Essie shade? Feel free to DM it to me @amanda_montell!