My 5-Step Skincare Routine, by Korean Model Irene Kim

If you've been on Instagram at all recently, chances are high you'll recognize Irene Kim. The Korean model-known to her almost 500KВ followersВ as @ireneisgood-has exploded as a bonafide street style star and beauty icon over the past year, with her instantly-recognizable (and ever-changing) pastel mane, porcelain skin, and head-turning outfits. We're thrilled to announce that Kim will be sharing her beauty secrets exclusively to Byrdie in the coming weeks (pore-less skin tips included). First up? The skin products she's currently obsessed with. Enjoy!


Working in this industry has made my skin delicate and sensitive.В Can you imagine wearing the same foundation for 12-14 hours and then caking more on top of that throughout the day? It's pretty suffocating.В After going through hundreds (I swear) of beauty products, I've managed to get somewhat of an everyday regimen together. I've found the ones that get straight to the point and work for me.В I will say, however, I'm a beauty junkie, so these might change within the next few months!

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