This DIY Brow Tint Is the Perfect Way to Use Up All Your Rejected Coconut Oil


It smells great, you can use it as a makeup remover, it's a great acne remedy, and… it's gotten some exceedingly bad PR lately. Coconut oil, beauty's holy grail multitasker, swiftly lost its superfood status after the American Heart Association released an explosive report last week advising against consuming it at all. (That's thanks to its high saturated fat content, which is closely linked with heart disease-though we should also note that many experts we've interviewed are still all for coconut oil in moderation.)

But before you chuck out that jar of coconut oil in the kitchen, keep in mind that there is a silver lining: It still makes an awesome, do-it-all beauty product. Exhibit A: A savvy Reddit user recently revealed how she DIYs her own brow tint using coconut oil, and we'll definitely be borrowing this foolproof how-to.

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According to Redditor charrobeans, you simply blend a matte brown-black eye shadow that matches your brow hair color with a bit of coconut oil-and just like that, you have a $0, mess-free brow tint, hair tamer, and conditioner. It's almost too easy.

On that note, shop some our go-to coconut oil-infused beauty products below.

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