10 Beauty Editors Share Their Holy-Grail Pink Nail Polish

In a world where nude nails reign supreme, I often look to alternative colors to stay away from the crowd “Trap house pink” and potent pastel hues have always tickled my fancy, especially when they're loud, opaque and in-your-face. I personally gravitate towards Barbie tones, but with the myriad of Pantone pink shades to choose from lately, I've been curious to see what else is out there. The quest was dizzying, however. From salmon to flamingo, carnation to hot pink, the options were endless and I didn't know where to start. So, I did the next most logical thing: I reached out to some of the top beauty editors and writers in the business to gauge what's hot on the pink polish block for 2019-and just find out what shade they choose to grace their digits above all others. Below, check out the best pink nail polishes, according to beauty editors.

"I live for pretty, potent pastels. So, when I'm not hammering my nail lady to ice me out with some crystals, I'm usually rotating between a mint, lilac, or kitty-pink tinge. This one sits so beautifully on the nails and a friend of mine who passed loved this shade on my toes, so I tend to cherish it a little more.” - Noel Cymone Walker, beauty writer

Essie Nail Polish in Fiji $7Shop

“Baby pink is soft and demure, but it also has a sense of humor-it reminds me of candy hearts, Barbie cars, and Miami Beach. I like a polish that lets you have it both ways.” - Jessica Matlin, beauty director at Harper's Bazaar and co-host/co-founderВ atВ Fat Mascara PodcastВ В

Chanel Le Vernis in 610 Halo $28Shop

“Thank the beauty gods for Essie and this line of polishes that give my nails a gel-like look that boasts high shine factor before adding the top coat. This deep-berry color complements my dark skin tone and is a grown-up version of the pinks I wore back in high school. And I must say that this is truly one of the longest lasting nail lacquers on the market.” - Dana Oliver, beauty director at Yahoo! Lifestyle

Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish in V.I.Please $9Shop

“The new Chanel Spring/Summer '19 collection is just proof that Lucia Pica is a color genius. This bright hot pink is giving me holiday vibes and I feel like it is a color that goes well with any skin tone. Sometimes, I find that pink is hard to wear on my tanned skin, but this polish just makes it pop. It's casual but luxurious and more on the blue-ish side, which makes it both sophisticated and casual.” - Nathalia Pavón, beauty editor at Elle México

Chanel Le Vernis in Techno Bloom $28Shop

“The bottle itself is something to write home about, but the color inside is where the magic happens. It's a super opaque baby pink that stays on for over a week without chipping, which, for me, is really saying something considering I wash my hands incessantly and type like a chicken. The brush is also a bit wider than you'd typically find and therefore easier to apply, which makes it perfect for those with non-steady hands like myself.” - Lindsey Metrus, managing editor at

Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Pillow Pie $18Shop

“I'm a big fan of resort-wear shades like turquoise, coral, and salmon. They're hues that evoke the Caribbean and are quite flattering on bronzy skin tones. This one from Tenoverten is vegan and 8-free.” - Joanne Amay, beauty and style director at Ebony

Tenoverten Nail Polish in Pink Salmon $18Shop

“If I had to choose a pink nail polish to be bound to forever, Zoya's Mia would definitely be it. Every single time I wear this shade on my naked nails, I get a compliment. It has a milky pink tint that goes on opaque, so you only need one coat to cover your entire nail. Bonus: it blends perfectly with my medium complexion and doesn't skew too pale or too bright. It's truly the perfect year-round pink.” - Aimee Simeon, beauty writer at Refinery29


Zoya Professional Lacquer in Mia $10Shop

“This one might be biased, but during my first fashion week, I met Jin Soon backstage. I think the show was Jason Wu. I don't remember the exact color she used, but it was similar to this. She referred to it as 'blush for the nails.' Ever since then, I've kept this sheer pink in my rotation. It's the perfect no-frills shade that doesn't look like complete crap if it's chipped. It's great when I want my hands to look clean, but don't want to feel naked without polish.” - Kathleen Suico, beauty assistant at Allure



Jinsoon Nail Polish in Pixie $18Shop

"I really love purply-pinks, and this one is the perfect combo of the two. Unlike other nail polish brands, OPI has a relatively thick formula, so you really don't need too many coats." - Daley Quinn, beauty and wellness writer

OPI Nail Lacquer in No Turning Back From Pink Street $11Shop

“OPI Bubble Bath is a translucent pink and it's my absolute favorite for a very muted, natural-looking pink. I will sometimes get this in gel form a few times in a row (it comes in a polish and gel), and it makes me feel so clean and polished. It's one of those shades that anyone can wear, regardless of their skin tone.” - Shyema Azam, beauty writer

OPI Nail Lacquer in Bubble Bath $11Shop

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