Priyanka Chopra's Secret to Silky-Soft Skin Is This $15 Drugstore Product

It's hard not to be completely taken aback by Priyanka Chopra's breathtaking beauty. This pageant queen turned Bollywood star turned Hollywood actress has been wowing us on the big screen for years now. In case you didn't know, Chopra is theВ first female Indian lead in a U.S. television show. Major. From her role on the hit ABC show Quantico to her comedic relief in the movieВ Baywatch, she's an actress with accolades that run the gamut. Beyond her wildly successful career, she's maintained this sense of poise and unspoken elegance that shines through in her beauty.В

Byrdie had the opportunity to interviewВ Chopra, and she got really candid with us about her life in the limelight.В Of course, we couldn't let her get away without sharing her beauty secrets with us. Chopra's ever-changing beauty looksВ have been on our radar for a while. Considering her recent stunning beauty look at the royal weddingВ and her getup at the Met Gala, we want to know every single detail about her beauty regimen. Her biggest beauty secret is going bare-faced. “I don't even sit down when I get home after shooting,” Chopra says. “I go straight to the bathroom to remove my makeup.”В

The actress follows the age-old beauty tale of removing your makeup every chance you get. Take notes on the below beauty products responsible for her radiance.В We were pleasantly surprised to know that not only is the product she relies on for glowing skin only $15, but it's also available at nearly every drugstore.В That's right-a Chopra-like glow-up is widely accessible to us all with Bio-Oil for the win.В

Bio-Oil Specialist Skincare $15Shop

Chopra showers twice a day and always lathers herself with Bio-Oil to stay moisturized. “It evens out the tone on your body,” she says. “It is oily, so it's best to do it at night. I do it in the day, though, too.”В

This serum-like oil is ideal for those with skin on the drier side. And because of its purcellin oil, it has healing benefits that can help with uneven areas, scars, and stretch marks.В

Diptyque Rich Butter for the Body $90Shop

She doubles up on moisture with this classic from “I mix it with Diptyque's Body Cream, which is really thick and smells like expensive, luxurious talcum powder,” she says.В

This body butter is rich with rose water and nourishing oils to keep your skin's hydration levels high.В

MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid Foundation $30Shop

When it comes to makeup, Chopra is a fan of MAC for foundation. “They have great products for Asian skin,” she says in reference to the brand. She's addicted to the NC series.

I'm a fan as well. I credit MAC with being the first beauty brand with a foundation shade for my dark skin tone. Historically, MAC has been one of the few companies to offer an impressively inclusive shade range for women of color.В


Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 $50Shop

She also wears Bobbi Brown. She loves the shade Honey. She told us this is “perfect for her skin” and gives off an “amazing glow.”

This water-based foundation gives ample, buildable coverage with SPF protection. Bobbi Brown is another OG shade-inclusive brand that works for a diverse range of skin tones.


Essentia Water $2Shop

Chopra claims that downing lots of water is the secret to her radiant skin. She also shared a liquid detox she did, which involves drinking four liters of water with lemon for three days straight for her skin. “The lemon has antioxidants and cleans out your system,” she tells us. “It's the easiest thing to do-and free!”

There you have it-one fairly inexpensive skin secret thanks to Bio-Oil, with one practically free water trick Chopra swears by for her skin. Who else plans to run to the drugstore now?