If These Makeup Wipes Are Good Enough for J.Lo, They're Good Enough for Us

Getty/Angela Weiss

Makeup removal wipes, while gloriously convenient, don't exactly have the best reputation in the beauty community. For starters, many of the options on the market tend to be laden with skin-drying chemicals-and when you pair that with the fact that they aren't exactly the most thorough way to cleanse your face, they really aren't worth the minute or two you're saving yourself by using them in the first place. (Seriously: Our managing editor Lindsey even tried replacing her traditional cleanser with wipes for a week, and let's just say it wasn't exactly a positive experience.)

With all this in mind, we were pretty surprised to learn that one very high-profile makeup artist actually does swear by wipes-and since Mary Phillips's esteemed clientele includes Chrissy Teigen, the Kardashians, and Jennifer Lopez (aka the woman who does not age), we obviously trust her POV. But it just so happens that the makeup removal wipes that Phillips uses are all-natural and thus very kind to the complexion. Plus, they double as a sleep aid and bug repellant too. Keep scrolling to find out what they are.

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Herban Essentials' wipes contain just three ingredients: water, essential oils, and a natural emulsifier. Because certain essential oils are highly antibacterial, they're effective for just about anything from removing your makeup to wiping off your kitchen counter. (I use them to wipe my hands and clean my computer screen.) While they're available in a variety of scents, Phillips tells E! that she prefers lavender.

And here's another pro tip straight from the brand itself: Try wiping your pillow with the lavender variety to induce dreamier sleep. (You don't have to tell us twice.)

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