Summer Fridays' New Exfoliating Mask Is Made for Instagram

Summer Fridays' New Exfoliating Mask Is Made for Instagram

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Considering Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores IrelandВ created their respective careersВ via the internet, it isn't shocking to see the widespread success of their skincare brand, Summer Fridays, a lineВ that's rise can be attributed in large part to the snowball effect of top-notch social media marketing. (Kim Kardashian has evenВ endorsedВ the brandВ before her 126 million Instagram followers.)В What's fascinating, though, is that as of today, the line only boasts three SKUs. The inaugural launch ofВ Jet Lag Mask,В a hydrating cream that soaks into the skin, was later followedВ withВ Overtime Mask, an exfoliating blend of pumpkin enzymes and apricot seed powder. But the brand's third launch isn't branded aroundВ life's stressorsВ (travel exhaustion and working long hours) andВ instead focuses on the luxury ofВ downtime, a much-needed reprieve in today's climate. Meet R+R Mask.

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In an Instagram-centric world, packaging is a huge selling point, andВ suffice to say, Hewitt and Gores Ireland have nailed the concept ofВ photo-worthy curb appeal.В Each formula comes by way of a chicly-colored aluminum tube only made better by theВ crumples and creases it gains with use. Plus, the very concept of using a mask is social media fodder in and of itself; the entire process is worth documenting. So while Jet Lag and Overtime are alluring, to be sure, newcomer R+R is perhaps the most photogenic of the bunch. ItsВ dusty-pink tube is filled with a clear gel flecked with colorful rose flower powder (also known as the "apothecary's rose"). If springtime came in skincare form, this would be it.

Summer Fridays

Created to bring radiance back to tired skin, thisВ mask physically exfoliates, brightens, and hydrates. The rose flower powder polishes dead skin and debris while a powerful group of argan, safflower, sesame, avocado, and grape seed oil lock in moisture, nourish, and repair the skin barrier. It's also got a potent form of vitamin C that's oil-soluble and sinks into skin 50 times faster than ascorbic acid.

My Take

Full disclosure: I'mВ not a fan of physical exfoliators. Instead, I'm all about acids (glycolic in particular) and feel more comfortable letting them dissolveВ inactive cells rather than buffing at my sensitive skin and risking small tears and abrasions. Plus,В scrubs feel messy to me. But R+R is different: the polishing particles are very fine andВ wipe off nicely-not to mention the act of using a warm washcloth to remove rose petals from my face feels like the stuff of royals. And even on my redness-prone skin, I don't feel irritated or raw afterward.

As for the moisturizing aspect, the brand suggests leaving the mask on for 10 minutes afterВ buffingВ and before wiping off, letting the remaining oils work their magic while you sleep. This was a bit difficult for me-I love layering active serums underneath a rich moisturizer each night, so leaving the odds up to the residual oils didn't seemВ like enough, but I wanted to test the mask on its own without letting other products influence the outcome. Surprisingly, using the mask alone still made my skin feel moist come morning, even after being inВ theВ desert incubator created by my bedroom heater. Though, my A.M. pre-makeup lineup remains the same to keep my skin in check for the rest of the day-R+R is just an every-other-night type of renewing luxury. I've onlyВ applied the mask a handful of times, butВ ever since, I've noticed thatВ my skin feels super soft, retains its moisture, and has a nice glow to it-I even had aВ colleague I hadn't seen in weeks comment on how great my skin looked. I'll have to keep using it consistently to have a better feel for its efficacy, but so far, so great.

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