PSA: This Baby-Pink Cult Skincare Line Just Dropped in Australia


If your favourite past time is deep-scrolling Instagram seeking out indie beauty brands, or you are genetically drawn to incredibly aesthetic packaging, then you might have heard of Lixirskin. No? Let me play cupid and introduce you. The UK-born brand is quickly ascending to cult-status across the pond, and if my predictions are correct, it's about to blow-up world wide. I say this with confidence because as of today, the brand launches into Sephora Australia. How. Good.В

With it's oh-so-grammable millennial pink packaging, fun product names, and impressive formulations, it has all the ingredients for a seriously covetable beauty brand. And while I'm a sucker for anything that improves my #topshelfie, I still took it upon myself to trial some of the range for efficacy, because, you know, that's my job. The consensus? It's the real deal. What's more, the pricing isВ super reasonable.В

Keep scrolling for my thoughts, and to shop.В

Lixirskin Night Switch PHA/AHA 10% $38Shop

These days, I won't go near a chemical exfoliant without a detailed analysis of the ingredients listing because acids that are too spicy basically give me red, acne-prone skin. Before I even tried it on, this gentle mix of lactic, lactobionic, and phytic acid sounded appealing (disclaimer: It's glycolic I'm scared of). You can use this as a serum a few times a week, but I opted to apply three pumps for 10 minutes as a mask. It didn't burn, sting, or leave me red. Rather, my skin looked subtly clearer and brighter. Win.В

I feel the need to share the ingredients listing (that I copied straight from the brands' website) to showcase how Lixirskin focuses on few efficacious ingredients without all of the fillers: Aqua (water), sodium lactate, lactic acid, lactobionic acid, phytic acid, benzyl alcohol. That's it!

Lixirskin Vitamin C Paste $62Shop

This product is described as a leave-on morning mask. It's a vitamin C product, that we know to be a powerful antioxidant that neutralises free radicals, counteracts environmental damage, and brightens a dull, uneven skin tone. I applied a thin layer on clean skin (I just splashed with warm waterВ prior) and left on for five minutes. I then rinsed off and applied my regular day time products. While there wasn't a jaw-dropping visual difference on first application, my skin definitely looked glowy and felt smooth. It does however contain some essential and plant oils that I was nervous of, as IВ often find them irritating. But this didn't seem to be a problem, even when I used it a few times during the week. On the plus side, it smells lovely and is a really nice thing to do of a morning. If you're not already using a vitamin C product, this is such a good way to start.В

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