According to Reddit, These 7 Tricks Will Make Your Foundation Last

According to Reddit, These 7 Tricks Will Make Your Foundation Last

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There's nothing that bothers us more than slip-and-slide foundation. You know, when your foundation application has already gone rogue come 10 a.m., making aВ waywardВ decision to head everywhere butВ your face? We know we're not alone. In addition to the issue representing a common thread of concern in our Facebook group, The Beauty Line, we found the predicament in a thread on Reddit. Because, yes, we staunchly believe we could likely solve all the world's problems if we spent enough time in the site's dark depths.

Over the years, we've gleaned some of the best tips and tricks when it comes to makeup applicationВ from you all, so not surprisingly, we found ourselves fascinated, nodding our heads in agreement, with nearly every recommendation dear redditorsВ left in hopes of achieving a flawless, stay-all-day foundation aesthetic. Seven foundation tips stood out to us in particular, so in the spirit of giving, we decided to pay it forward and relay the best comments weВ saw to you directly.

Keep scrolling for seven redditor- and Byrdie-approved tricks to make your foundation last all day.В

Tip One: Mix Your Foundation and Setting Spray

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"Mix a little setting spray with your foundation before putting it on-your foundation won't budge," explains one redditor,В necas0109.В

Tip Two: Shave Your Face

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While an actual dermaplaningВ appointment is the best way to achieve a super-smooth faceВ finish (therefore enhancing your foundation stick), upgrading your usual routine with a similar hair-wickingВ device (like Dermaflash!) and following with a splash of refreshing rose water can work wonders. Plus, it'sВ emimhatstat's "godsent" cure to ensure a stay-all-day finish.В В

Tip Three: Prime Your Face With Setting Spray

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"Spraying setting spray BEFORE foundation. My foundation holds better, there's a barrier between the foundation and my skin (especially with acne) so my skin feels healthier, and my pores are less noticeable, so it's like a primer.

"This is especially great if you have dry skin (I have oily skin but myВ foundation will flake if I don't moisturize enough before applying makeup) or are having a bad skin day where your skin feels tired and needs more moisture. I'm in love with Urban Decay's setting spray, in particular," saysВ My-Name-Is-Jen.

Tip Four: Layer Creams With Powders

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"Layering cream products with powder products!" exclaims vnssv. "I go in with a cream contour, blush, and highlighter, set my face with a light layer of translucent powder, and then go over again with powder contour, blush, and highlighter."

Tip Five: Soak Your Blender With Setting Spray

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If you don't feel like mixing your setting spray with foundation or using it in lieu of primer pre-foundation,В DragonacheВ recommends dampening a Beautyblender with a few strategic sprays of spray setting spray instead of water. FYI:В This is a trick Byrdie HQ personally swears by!

Tip Six: Don't Powder Oily Spots

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"It seems counterproductive, but for me, my best tip is not powdering any of the areas I get oily (my nose). I like to have a natural, dewy foundation and setting ruins the finish. Also, no matter what powder I use it always breaks apart on my nose. And I have tried EVERYTHING," chausettes shares. "Instead, it's really easy to reapply my foundation or just smooth it out with a BeautyBlender. It tends to look a lot fresher when I do that, whereas with powder, I'd have to totally wash it off and reapply from scratch. Basically, I'd rather be shiny but still have a smooth finish, than be matte with cracks and breaks all through my foundation."

Tip Seven: Apply Powder Pre-Foundation

"I dust a little translucent powder on my face before foundation. It helps the foundation go on smoother, and it extends the wear time," tiredandwantsanapВ says matter-of-factly.В