Urban Outfitters Launched a New Beauty Line, and We're Already Obsessed

Urban Outfitters Launched a New Beauty Line, and We're Already Obsessed

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Urban Outfitters

When it comes to effortless staples, on-trend essentials, and some of the best furniture around, Urban Outfitters is already our go-to, which is why we didn't take it lightly when we heard the company was launching a makeup line. ohii, its minimalistic beauty brand, features every essential your vanity could need, and it aims to enhance your natural beauty, not hide it. Our personal favorites? The Wake-Up Pen, perfect for hiding dark circles from late nights and early mornings, and the Magic Palette, which is full of iridescent, shimmery shades for when your look could use an extra pop of color. With its affordable price point, Instagram-worthy packaging, and wide range of essential products, ohii will be your new beauty bag go-to. Shop the products below to see why we're obsessed.

Ohii Wake Up Pen $18Shop

Look instantlyВ alert thanks to this travel-size pen.В

Ohii Pure Stick Deodorant $12Shop

Stay fresh all day thanks to this charcoal-based deodorant.В

Ohii Treasure Shadow Palette $24Shop

The prettiest palette.В

Ohii The Big Reveal Peel Off Mask $16Shop

The best part of this rejuvenating face-mask? It's a selfie-readyВ metallicВ hue.

Ohii Soft Glow Highlighter $24Shop

Use this shade trio on your cheeks, eyes, lips, or wherever you need an extra-dewy glow.

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