Kate Bosworth Swears By This for Beating Hormonal Acne

Not to be dramatic, but if there's one person's skin I often find myself zooming in on while scrolling on Instagram after one (okay four) glasses of malbec on a Sunday evening, it's Kate Bosworth. The thing is most celebrities have good skin. They can afford expensive facials and probably have a makeup artist on hand to top up their lipstick when it ever so slightly goes onto their teeth. But Kate Bosworth has otherworldly skin. It, quite literally, beams in every single photo. She doesn't appear to have a single blemish, any pigmentation or a trace of an under-eye bag. Take a look at this picture of her-see what I mean?

Getty/George Pimentel

Case in point. Lucky for us (maybe mainly me), Kate revealed how she keeps her skin in check during an Instagram story with makeup artist Lisa Eldridge.

She credits evening primrose oil as her saviour for minimising blemishes and breakouts, especially during hormonal times.

Evening primrose oil is derived from the seeds of a wildflower. It's not only super hydrating but also a powerful anti-inflammatory-which can calm irritated hormonal acne. Its key ingredient is gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which has a high source of omega-6 essential fatty acids. These acids help to strengthen your skin's barrier and calm acne and redness. Our bodies are unable to produce GLA, so it has to be consumed through diet or in a supplement.

We're obviously not saying that if you start taking evening primrose oil you'll be blessed with skin as blemish-free as Kate Bosworth's. Everyone's skin is different, but if you do suffer from hormonal acne, it's definitely something to consider.

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We like these Solgar soft-gel ones. Simply take one or two daily with meals-but do consult your doctor first as GLA can affect medications like high-blood pressure medicine or antidepressants.

Ready to beam like Bosworth? I certainly am.