No Time? No Problem: Meet Your Wear-It-Everywhere Makeup Solution

When it comes to everyday makeup, the old-school rules no longer apply. These days, the vibe is "wear whatever you want, whenever and wherever." But there are a few classic pairings that have stood the test of time-for example, defined eyes and tawny lips. The two are neutral enough to work as well for a work presentation as they do on a dinner date, and there are a dozen ways to tweak the look based on your personality and makeup preferences.

For some, defined eyes means smoky, neutral shadows. For others, it's all about the brows and lashes. And those tawny lips we mentioned earlier? They're the slightest spin on nude lips-think more yellow-brown or orange-brown undertones than your standard nude. With EstГ©e Lauder, putting your personal touch on this everyday makeup look is as easy-and pretty-as it gets. Continue scrolling to learn exactly how to make defined eyes and tawny lips totally your own.

Start With Shadow

The name of the game here is subtle definition, but a little shadow never hurt anybody. Soft neutral shades create a clean, polished base around the eyes. After applying foundation (like EstГ©e Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Makeup SPF 30 in Sandalwood, $42), choose a shadow palette in a range of warm nudes. A good rule of thumb is to use a medium shade on the lid, a darker shade in your crease, and a lighter shade in the corners of your eyes and across your brow bone.

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Boost Your Brows

One small step in your routine, one giant difference: Defining your brows with a pencil is a step no beauty look is complete without. The key is to keep the strokes as natural-looking as possible, says celebrity makeup artist Collier Strong: Use quick little strokes to mimic the direction of your natural brow growth.

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Brighten and Conceal

Hold off on applying concealer until after you've blended in your shadow and defined your brows. This way you can brush away any fallout from your shadow, plus you'll end up using less concealer (always a bonus). Dab a smudge-proof concealer like EstГ©e Lauder Double Wear Waterproof All Day Extreme Wear Concealer ($28) below your lower lash line, and blend it in with your ring finger. "You're just perfecting the under-eye area after the eye makeup has been done so it's as fresh and beautiful as possible," explains Strong.

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Lift and Lengthen

Defined eyes wouldn't be complete without defined lashes, so you want to choose a mascara that'll do double-duty. EstГ©e Lauder Pure Color Envy Multi-Effects Mascara ($28) has two kinds of bristles for an eye-opening effect. "Use the thicker side of the wand first to load mascara on your lashes; then use the finer side to comb through them," says Strong. "It gives you more definition without adding more product."

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Lock in Your Lip Color

Where your lips are concerned, neutral doesn't have to mean bare. Look for a tawny shade with enough of brown undertone to act as a neutral and light pink tones for a slight rosy finish that makes it easy to wear. (We love this lippie in Naked Desire.) But pay attention to your unique skin tone, says Strong, as nudes are not one-shade-fits-all.

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The Perfect Pair

With the strong brows and a subtle lip color, this combination is like the LBD of makeup-so wear it anytime, anywhere. After all, everyone loves a classic.

If you're going to wear something every day, you'd better invest in the best. Head to EstГ©e Lauder for timeless beauty staples.