Essie's New Autumn Nail Color Collection Is Inspired by Blustery NYC Days

I love living in Los Angeles, but there's nothing quite likeВ fall in New York City. Not only do New Yorkers get to dust off their boots, jeans, and sweaters while people in L.A. still sweat under the burning sun, but they also get to experience thatВ indescribable autumn atmosphere that's only found on the East Coast and in parts of the Midwest. Iced coffee is replaced with warm brews, summer berries are replaced with pumpkins and squash, and bright lipsticks and nail polishes are done away with in favor of something deeper, richer, and more dramatic. It's all the same. Whether you find yourself in theВ hustle and bustle of midtown Manhattan orВ on the quirky streets of Brooklyn, autumn in New York is a celebration of changing seasons and an opportunity to gear up for the upcoming holidays. It's brisk, cheerful, and cozy, and what's not to love about that?В

It's this very sameВ palpableВ autumnal feeling that Instagram's favorite nail polish brand, Essie, has distilled down into six new nail shadesВ that make up the brand's fall 2018 collection. From metallic ocher to steely gray, the collection perfectly encapsulates a blustery fall day in New York City. Keep scrolling to see all six of the new shades.В

Essie Booties on Broadway $9Shop

This stormy blue color is a personal favorite of Byrdie's features editor, Amanda Montell. It's classic and moody. I like to think it'sВ the nail polish equivalent of a weathered Ivy League blazer, which is worn by someone sharp-witted and wizened who sits backstage at a Broadway play.В Basically, what I'm trying to say is that it has personality, which is always something I look for in a nail polish.В

Essie Fall for NYC $9Shop

This marigold-yellow shade, called Fall for NYC, reminds me of weak golden sunlight falling through the remaining leaves on the trees in Central Park. It's a muted and cozy take on a traditional yellow, and I'm thoroughly obsessed. Plus, it's bound to complement sun-kissed skin that you might have left over from summer.

Essie It Takes a West Village $9Shop

This pretty shade, called It Takes a West Village, is mauve with grayish undertones. It looks like it would pair perfectly with a chunky sweater and a freshly roasted coffee from one of the West Village's various cozy cafГ©s.В

Essie Empire Shade of Mind $9Shop

Empire Shade of Mind is the brand's newest steely gray shade, which was inspired by (you guessed it) the Empire State Building. Thanks to its shimmery finish, it's somehow chic, professional, and edgy all at once.В

Essie Stop Drop & Shop $9Shop

ThisВ mulberryВ shade, called Stop, Drop, and Shop, is a muted magenta color that will look amazing on every skin tone (at least in my humble opinion). Consider it the 2018 metropolitan-approved update of other, more traditional autumnal berry shades.В

Essie Say It Ain't Soho $9Shop

Here's my personal favorite shade from the collection. It's called Say It Ain't Soho, and it's a drop-dead gorgeous shade of orangeВ ocher that has a shimmery metallic finish. Maybe it's the beauty world's current obsession with '70s-inspired colors, or maybe it reminds me of pumpkins and turning leaves, but I can't get enough of it.В В


If you can look past my unkempt, haven't-been-professionally-manicured-in-months nails, then you'll see how shimmery and warm this color actually is. Like I said, I'm completely and thoroughly hooked on it. I plan on wearing it all season long.В

The entire collection is available now at drugstores everywhere. While we're on the topic of autumn,В be sure to check out the 12 best nail colors, according to Byrdie editors.В