This Hair-Thickening Supplement Is Going Viral on Amazon

Girls with fine or thin hair know the styling struggle. All we've ever wanted is a little volume and bounce, but unfortunately, we're usually only left with flatness. While it's true that certain thickness-boosting products and maintenance tricks can make a world of difference, at the end of the day, our hairВ is still going to be fine and thin when we wash our hair. In other words, we can make it appear thicker, but we really want it to be thicker.

That's where beauty supplements come in. According to Glamour, there's been one hair supplement in particular that's been quietly trending on Amazon. It promises naturally thicker and fuller hair and customers seem to stand by it. After all, it has some seriously amazing reviews.

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Amazon's enthusiasm for this product can be traced back to its ingredients. There is collagen, ashwagandha root and leaf extract, vitamin D, vitamin A, camu camu extract, and other herbs and nutrients, including a special hyaluronic acid blend. The most interesting ingredient has to be the ashwagandha extract, which is an adaptogen. Adaptogens are a class of herbs that have calming and stress-relieving effects on the body. So why is it found in a hair-thickening supplement, you ask? It's simple. A form of hair loss, called Female Androgenetic Alopecia, is related to age and stress-levels. The logic here is that targeting the body's fluctuating or rising stress levels can prevent further hair loss.

Even experts agree, whether you take it for hair growth, hair loss, or yes, hair-thickening, it's exceptionally useful and effective. Take it from celeb hairstylist Matthew Monzon, who said, "As a celebrity hairstylist, I've been asked numerous times about hair growth supplements. I've recently discovered Nutrafol as a hair growth supplement. The results have been amazing. There has been a noticeable difference in my hair in the three months that I've been taking it. My hair shows new growth, feels stronger, less dry, and has more vitality."

One Amazon customer writes, "I don't think I've ever written a review on here. But I had to write to say that Nutrafol works. It's amazing. I saw an article about it on Twitter and decided to take a chance. My hair has been slowly thinning for years. I'm 43, and my mom has thyroid issues. I think I might too (although my results are 'in normal range'). I've been embarrassed at how thin my hair looked on top-how a light shining from above revealed a lot of scalp and how wide my parts looked on top of my head. And I would lose aВ lot of hair with every shower. It was so distressing. Within a month of starting Nutrafol, the part on my head really got smaller! It gets better every month. I have new hairs growing in, my hair has more body, and I feel like I look younger. It's truly remarkable." As if that's not glowing enough, she follows it up with "If you're considering it, please give it a shot."

Although there are a few negative reviews sprinkled throughout, most others are overwhelmingly positive. Customers say the product is effective at preventing hair loss and encouraging new growth. Just keep in mind the brand recommends taking four capsules daily, so the 120 capsules won't last as long as other one-a-day supplements. Nonetheless, if thinning hair is a big beauty concern of yours, it might be well worth it.