I Didn't Believe In CBD Until I Tried This Brand

I Didn't Believe In CBD Until I Tried This Brand

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Until very recently, I've been hesitant to jump on the CBD bandwagon. Tinctures, gummies, supplements, creams-I've tried a dozens of CBD-laden products, to minimal avail, so I figured maybe it just wasn't for me. Still, it feels like rarely a day goes by wherein I don't hear about CBD changing someone's life or curing their chronic anxiety, so it's hard not to remain curious.

And, given the nature of my work, I'm down to try just about anything. Which is why I'm happy to report that the latest CBD product I've tried, Prima's The Go-To Elixir ($48), is an absolute keeper. Seriously, my fiancГ© (a true skeptic in every sense of the word) and I are hooked, and I have trouble convincing him to take a multivitamin.

Prima The Go-To Elixir $48Shop

Here's why it's so good: First off, it's pretty much tasteless, so you can mix it into water or coffee or anything else (although, the brand and my partner both claim it has a very slight herb-like taste, so maybe my tastebuds are just off). Second, the fast-dissolving, water-soluble powder formula is what makes it so potent, according to the brand (which, fun fact, was founded by a co-founder of Jessica Alba's The Honest Company). Each powder-filled packet contains 10mg of broad spectrum hemp CBD, which, without getting too scientific, is encapsulated using a patent-pending technology that supposedly increases the bioavailability of the ingredients. In other words, the formula makes it easy for your body to quickly and effectively absorb the CBD. Another great thing about the formula is what it doesn't contain: wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, soy, dairy, artificial colors, or artificial flavors.

I am no scientist, but what I can tell you is this-after sipping on just one of these packets (only one is recommended per day), it feels as though my brain and body have just taken a big, simultaneous exhale. There's no drowsiness or loopiness, just instant clarity of mind. Like an overwhelming feeling of calm-which helps both me and my partner tame our anxious, racing thoughts, and just get shit done. It's truly great. So great, that my skeptical fiancГ© has vowed never to go a day without it. He loves it so much that he's even convinced his mother, literally the biggest CBD skeptic you'll ever meet (who also suffers from rheumatoid arthritis) to give it a try. I've personally been pouring it into my first-thing-in-the-morning glass of water or coffee, while my partner takes his at lunchtime.

There's no drowsiness or loopiness, just instant clarity of mind.

Prima also makes two other powder elixir formulas, Brain Fuel, meant to increase energy and focus, and Rest Easy, formulated to calm the body and promote good sleep. I haven't tried either of those ones yet, only because I've been so hooked on the Go-To (probably because its the most tasteless formula, which I prefer). If you're more into the supplement route, Prima has you covered there, too; try The Daily, which is a softgel that contains 15mg broad spectrum hemp CBD.

Prima's Go-To Elixir is available on the brand's website for $48 (for 20 packets).