A Top Korean Beauty Editor Tells Us Her Must-Have Products


Our ears are always open to product recommendations from our fellow editors-after all, they've tried just as many products as we have and boast an equally keen eye for efficacy.В And ever since the K-beauty craze really took off stateside, we've been particularly tuned in when we get word of a new Korean skincare or makeup product, too. So when Christine Chang, co-founder of Korean beauty website Glow Recipe offered to connect us with Vogue Korea's beauty director, Jisu Paek, to speak on her most beloved products, two powerful beauty forces joined together.В

It's clear thatВ Paek, a Korea-based editor, beauty connoisseur, and owner of an enviable complexion,В has a deep love for skincare, but if we're being completely honest, we hadn't heard of most of her favorite picks. That's the beauty of many international products, though-there's an entire untapped world that we hadn't been introduced to. Until now.В Keep scrolling for her top picks!

VDL Color Correcting Cushion $36Shop

"I've coined a new phrase, tone-toure," muses Paek. "It means contouring with colors like green, purple, and peach. It's different from your typical contouring with darker hues and highlight, as the goal is to apply color-correctingВ shades over problem areas to reverse hyperpigmentation, redness, etc. It's based on complementary color theory (for example, redness can be covered and neutralized with green). You get aВ brighter, 3-D effect by using this neutralizing and moisturizing cushion."

Jung Sam Mool Mool Cream $31Shop

"Jung Sam Mool is Korea's number one makeup artist (and a celebrity herself). Her eponymous makeup brand is full of amazing and qualified products. This particular offering starts out as a very light fluidВ texture and turns into a moistening cream."

CNP Micro Mighty Sun $33Shop

"CNP is a well-known Korean cosmeceutical brand that is based on advanced technologies and specialized knowledge. I've felt Dr. Lee Dong Won's Ed. note: the founder of the brandВ honesty for beauty at every singleВ interview I've had with him. We all know that the amount of UV protection used daily is not enough, but this sunscreen can protect your skin with aВ very thin layer."

Liz K Pure Vitamin C Total Care Serum $32Shop

"This Serum is full of pure vitamin C. I knowВ there are countless C-serums on the market, but this one is theВ best of theВ bunch."

Hera UV Mist Cushion $45Shop

"Hera is a brand that reflects Korean women's 'Seoulista' vibe via the brand basis and products. This cushion is the best-selling product in Korea, which is the origin of the cushion as a symbol of K-beauty. It is a key weapon for the 'clean baby skin' that Seoul women love. It gives moisture and coverage at the same time and adds glossy volume filled with moisture when you reapply makeup."

Su:m37Лљ Secret Essence $91Shop

"Korean food culture is renowned as healthy because manyВ traditional KoreanВ foods are preserved through fermentation. The efficacy of fermentation influences cosmetics in the same way. Case in point: This particular essence is derived from highly purified fermented ingredients. It leaves your skin more balanced as opposed toВ other water-based essences."

These responses have been edited for clarity.

This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

These responses have been edited for clarity.