This Natural Australian Fragrance Smells Like A Grecian Summer

This Natural Australian Fragrance Smells Like A Grecian Summer

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Summer is the perfect time to buy yourself a new fragrance. We change up our wardrobes and our skincare, so it only makes sense to switch to a fresh new juice too. Plus, our sense of smell is inextricably linked to memory, so a fresh perfume for the season ahead might just save you next winter (one mist will take you right back to sun-drenched days at the beach).В

Whether you're a sticky-dessert smelling kind of person, or a bright fig scent is more your jam, there's bound to be something that lights you up below. Keep scrolling to shop.В

Sarah and Sebastian Olympia $88Shop

A dreamy mix of fig, jasmine, and pink pepper, the first of two scents from jewelry label Sarah and Sebastian is nothing short of incredible. Hand-blended right here in Australia by Samuel Gravan, it smells like a lazy, sun-drenched afternoon in Mykonos.В

Le Labo Tonka 25 $270Shop

If you prefer your summer scents warm and dark, Tonka 25 will delight all of the right senses. It's damp and thick, like a summer storm, but notes of tonka and musk keep it extremely wearable.В

Dolce and Gabbana The Only One $125Shop

Syrupy and feminine, the latest from Dolce and Gabbana smells like a caramel sundae. Wear it with Zimmerman and nude block heels.В

Floral Street Wonderland Peony $109Shop

Floral Street is an incredibly cool British brand that just launched in Mecca Cosmetica.В Wonderland Peony is a delicate but heavenly blend ofВ floral notes, with a splash of cedarwood to balance it out. It's sweet, vibrant, and perfect for long days in the sun.В

Olfactive Studio Flash Back in New York $159Shop

Whilst not summery in the traditional sense, this fragrance is too special not to mention. Aptly titled, "Flash Back in New York", it's a warm, spicy smell thatВ conjures an image of dark liquor, leather books, and a roaring fire.В

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia $100Shop

As vibrant and sparkling as the yellow flacon it's housed in, Gorgeous Gardenia is a universally appealing floral scent. One mist is like inhaling a huge white bouquet-divine.В

Pacco Rabbane Pure XS $87Shop

Sweet, like vanilla sugar and popcorn, this fragrance is best worn with sequins and your fanciest party shoes.В

By Kilian Woman in Gold $430Shop

Laced with hints of vanilla and rose, this decadent scent is amazing for those who love a fragrance that draws compliments. It's loud and punchy in all the right ways. What's more, the bottle is refillable, so it's also an A+ choice for the environment.В