These Aren't Regular Rose Perfumes-They're Cool Rose Perfumes

These Aren't Regular Rose Perfumes-They're Cool Rose Perfumes

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When you think of traditional fragrance bases, rose is probably one of the first ones that comes to mind. The flower itself has a distinct sweet smell to it, and it's classically been thought of as ladylike and romantic. And if you've decided that that's not your vibe and maybe even ruled out rose when you go looking for a new signature scent, we're here to make a case for reconsidering.

First of all, contrary to popular opinion, rose scents are not a one-dimensional group. In fact, when mixed with the right notes, rose fragrances can range from light and crisp to strong and musky. And we've got proof: We rounded up a variety of rose perfumes that all smell a little different to appeal every type of fragrance lover. Click through to find the rose perfume is the one for you.

Stella McCartney Stella Eau de Toilette $90 $25Shop

This fragrance is an oldie, but oh, is it a goodie. We love that it's light, fresh, and not overwhelmingly sweet. Apart from the main Bulgarian rose note, you'll find scents of amber and peony too.В

HermГЁs Hermes Galop D'Hermes Parfum $210Shop

Leather doesn't always need to smell strong and powerful. In this fragrance, a softer suede scent is mixed with rose to balance everything out.В В

Gamine Cement Rose $160Shop

Who says rose scents are strictly for women? Gamine's gender-neutral perfume lineup includes Cement Rose, a warm, spicy scent made from the Turkish rose, pink pepper, suede, and ebony.

Annie Bing Savage Rose $69Shop

If you're team perfume oil, give Savage Rose a try. This unique twist on a traditional rose scent adds black pepper into the mix, and there's a nice musky kick afterward that we can't get enough of.

Jo Malone London Red Roses Cologne $135Shop

We call this the ultimate rose fragrance because it's made with seven different rose types.В What makes it unique?В Well, it's cleaner and crisper than most, thanks to the lemon that's mixed in. (Side note: We also dig the Millennial Pink hue.)

Kai Rose Perfume Oil $48Shop

This perfume oil fromВ Kai is another Byrdie editor favorite. Mixed with gardenia and white floral, it's incredibly sweet smelling if that's your jam. Best of all,В it's small enough that you can throw it in your purseВ forВ an easy on-the-go spritz.В

Le Labo Rose 31 Eau de Parfum $180Shop

Yes, Le Labo is a constant fixture in our scent roundups, but it's just that damn good. While others will argue that Santal 33 is the brand's best,В there's a serious case to be made for Rose 31. The nontraditional rose scent hasВ warm, woody undertones thanks to the inclusion of cumin cedarwood and vetiver.

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