So You Just Had an Amazing Facial-Here's How to Make the Results Last

So You Just Had an Amazing Facial-Here's How to Make the Results Last

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Unless you've somehow managed to create a substantial facial budget for yourself in 2015 (in which case, we envy you), seeing your esthetician is probably a special occasion kind of thing. But let's say you do have monthly facials built-in to your expenses-even then, your post-facial glow would hardly last 30 days. Usually your skin is back to normalВ (and by normal we mean a little blah)В within a few days. Not willing to accept this reality, we called in a couple of the industry's top estheticians and begged them to spill their secrets for extending the results.

Scroll through to find out what you can do to prolong post-facial complexion perfection!

Drink lots of water

This is the no-brainer tip that every esthetician will tell you, but we'll repeat it just to emphasize the point. Well-hydrated cells carry out their functions better. After a facial, you're a step ahead of the glowing-skin game. Drink plenty of water to keep it that way. Remember: What goes in your body is just as important as what goes on your skin.

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Do a facial massage

Instead of just applying your products, massage them in. Facial massages increase lymphatic drainage and circulation, which brings nutrients and oxygen to your skin. “The new nutrients in the skin allow and encourage a youthful radiance and glow to surface in the face,” Rouleau says. Ask your esthetician how to do a mini at-home facial massage to continue the lifting and firming long after your treatment.

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Cut back on exfoliation

Be nice to your skin after a facial. You can guarantee you've met your exfoliation needs for the week, so step back from scrubs and exfoliating acids. Over-exfoliation can lead to irritation, dryness, and breakouts. Wait about a week to get back into your exfoliation routine.

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